Rowland S. Howard: Autoluminescent film release


AutoluminescentEngrossing tribute to an Oz rock visionary. LINK

Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard – tribute gig, meet the filmmaker and screening (OCT 28th)

The Classic Cinema, Ghost Pictures and Umbrella Entertainment present a tribute gig and meet the filmmaker event to celebrate the release of AUTOLUMINESCENT: ROWLAND S. HOWARD

With special guests: Harry Howard and Edwina Preston from the N.D.E, directors Richard Lowenstein (Dogs in Space) and Lynn-Maree Milburn, Cinematographer Andrew de Groot and Genevieve McGuckin – Howard’s long-term collaborator and co-founder of These Immortal Souls.

Preview screening to be followed by tribute gig and Q&A
9pm Friday October 28

*View Rowland S. Howard clips on VIMEO

Rowland S. Howard pictured in shoot for his album Pop Crimes, 2009. Photo: Karl Scullin.

2 thoughts on “Rowland S. Howard: Autoluminescent film release

  1. i have seen autoluminescent twice and have the dvd on order! 🙂 the film is brilliant and i enjoyed it immensley. great insights and a great interviews with rowland. i went to the above gig where harry and edwina sang. here is a link to the songs that were sang on the night. my favorite was “let them live” – a song harry wrote about rowland:

    all 4 tracks from the night can be found there.
    i would also like to mention at this point rowlands “right hand man” for the last couple of years JP Shilo. what a multi talented fellow he is. i would urge you all to check him out. he has played with fellow aussies mick harvey on his solo venture, adalita (magic dirt) on her solo tour, brian henry hooper, the triffids, the black eyed susans and others. if yo9u get the chance to see the film, you will hear a beautiful narrative voice – this belongs to JP Shilo.

    here is JP singing:

    video by matthew t ellery, another fabulous aussie talent.

    – deb

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