JP Shilo

JP Shilo and The Saddests covering the Triffids Tarrilup Bridge filmed by Matthew T Ellery.

JP Shilo co-hort of RSH, Mick Harvey, Adalita and the Triffids to name a few.  Check out JP’s former outfit “Hungry Ghosts” cd “Alone Alone and JP’s solo cd release “As Happy As Sad is Blue”

Matthew T Ellery – damn fine Australian Film Maker

5 thoughts on “JP Shilo

  1. @morgan. there is a certain “twang” that rowland played. immediately it hits me in the heart. i call it the “heart” string or that thump in my heart that i know what ever comes next i am going to be dragged in. it makes an echo within me. JP and Adalita both have the ability to do this also with their playing. yes we remember, love and cherish every day as i am sure his family and besties do. i know what you mean about the sadness too. i thought when i saw “auto” that i would have a little cry, but no, instead i could feel the love and sadness at his passing and i could still feel his innocence too.

  2. @Deb, I’ve been feeling his love these days. It might sound crazy but I’m not as sad this year. I feel like so many people love him that he’s still here, amongst us. Cold comfort for his family and close friends, perhaps, but it’s all we can do in this life. Remember. And cherish.

  3. monica: i call it the RSH ring of love. yes all connected by HIM. rowland produced JP and adalita. he sang “summer high” with adalita and played on her album. JP is also working on S L E E P an album version of the piece he played at rowlands funeral. can’t wait for that myself. it is an absolutely stunning and beautiful piece.- deb

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