“IT’S OVER” – Grinderman Call It Quits

Sunday Dec 11, 2011

Cave announced the group would be disbanding after a spectacular late night set at the Meredith Music Festival in rural Victoria on Saturday night (December 10). “That’s it for Grinderman,” he told the more than 12,000 festival-goers. “It’s over. See you in 10 years.” Via Messandnoise

13 thoughts on ““IT’S OVER” – Grinderman Call It Quits

  1. Personally, I wonder if this is more likely to be a long break for Grinderman as opposed to it being over for good. I think we may see them again circa 10 years but who knows!

    I have enjoyed the Grinderman years, but look forward to something very different from the next Bad Seeds album. My preference woul be for something far more introspective but I have never been disappointed with anything that Nick has released.

    I do also hope that this will be a catalyst for Mick rejoining the Bad Seeds; and Blixa for that matter.

  2. Morgan :
    So the ‘break-up’ is apparently some sort of misunderstanding? A bad joke? HAH?
    I’m tired.

    This was my first thought when I heard about it, because I have a bootleg from The Boatman’s Call tour where Nick makes a similar joke to a booing audience, but I thought it was legit this time because of all the press coverage.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed that Nick’s midlife crisis is over.

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