Lawless Full Press Conference – Cannes 2012 (Updated)

Lawless Full Press Conference – Cannes Film Festival 2012
(John Hillcoat, Nick Cave + Guy Pearce & cast)

Nick Cave’s film genre for Lawless – ‘a wangster’ (Source)

“If it’s half western film and half gangster film, it’s a wangster film.” – Nick Cave

“Let’s not use that term.” – Guy Pearce

Update (May 21, 2012) articles, notable quotes, a red-carpet pic follow…

Cave’s film a different proposition (The Age, May 21, 2012)

A brutish film on Prohibition stirs reaction at Cannes.

‘THE only person who can say they’re happy getting old,” Nick Cave tells the Cannes Film Festival, ”is someone who isn’t actually old yet. Every day, I get less and less happy about that idea.” So how does ageing affect his writing? ”My memory’s gone and I have to use the thesaurus a lot, dictionaries a lot, enlarge the type, all that sort of shit,” he says immediately. ”It’s awful. I don’t recommend it to anyone.”

Read more:

Makers of Prohibition-era film skin ‘failed’ drug ban (The Standard, May 21, 2010)

“Prohibition still exists today. It still fails epically, with the so-called war on drugs,” screenwriter Cave said after a press screening that saw the work by his fellow Australian get a restrained clap…

Cave, a former heroin addict, said “this disastrous war on drugs is an absolutely unbelievable waste of money. Seven percent of criminals in jail are on drug-related offenses.

“It just seems to me that prohibition still exists today and it still doesn’t work.”

Cave believes the solution is to “legalize all drugs and let all those people out of prison and I would spend the money in a more judicious way.”

Asked if he meant hard drugs like cocaine and heroin should be made legal, he replied: “The whole lot, yeah. There is a major problem and it’s not being dealt with at all.” (Read more)


Tied up over Cannes dress rules (Cave & Hillcoat scorn the requisite bow-tie.)

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