Mick Harvey Interview (Oct 1, 2012)

A Sound Concept: Spring Heeled Interviews Mick Harvey
By Rory Hinchey (Alpha Strategies)

When I heard Mick Harvey was touring in support of his album Sketches From the Book of the Dead, I decided immediately to set off to Malmö, Sweden . . . . I spoke to Mick about his ongoing series of European tour dates (full details of which are available at http://mickharvey.com ), plans for his next album, and also topics relating to his past involvement with The Birthday Party and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

Great interview, Rory. I enjoyed reading about Mick’s current tour with Rosie Westbrook and J.P. Shilo, his thoughts about songwriting, his reminiscences about Rowland S. Howard, the revelations about Tracey Pew’s death and The Birthday Party, and of course, Mick’s thoughts about his ‘invisible’ role as manager for the Bad Seeds and the stress of that situation.

Short extract follows:

On Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds:

It’s great that I don’t have to do that any more. And now they’re going on tour for four months at the start of next year, and then they’re doing the festivals through the summer, and I’m so glad I’m not having to consider doing this. Wow. I’d have to be saying no, I’d basically be having to decide to leave the band now, because I simply couldn’t do it. It’s possible that if I had decided to stay on, one decision I could have made would have been to say, “Ok, let’s roll on, but I’m stopping doing the management. You get a new manager, Nick, and we’ll work it in this way, and I’ll just get out of that area.” And that may have been a good choice, actually, to do that, because part of what was wrong with what was happening for me was an imbalance between my artistic work, and actually working on the music and feeling like I was involved with that, with how much business I was having to do. And it just was, well, I didn’t get into this band, I didn’t start playing music to be a fucking businessman.

— Mick Harvey to Rory Hinchey, Oct 1, 2012  READ INTERVIEW


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