Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – North American & Australian tour dates

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Tour Dates:

UK and European shows to be announced early 2013.


29 thoughts on “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – North American & Australian tour dates

  1. Update: An angelic friend invited me to to the Boston show since she has an extra ticket. *heaves a sigh of relief* I know that this was a difficult thread. Thank you to everyone for the ‘tea and sympathy’. It meant a lot.

    Personally, I was glad for the edification on the cutting edge technology of ticket scalping, according to that Billboard article. I wonder if that is why so many people had trouble getting through to Ticketmaster. Was it jammed electronically by the scalpers or by so many fans calling in? Judging by the cherry seats going through third party sellers I can believe something was going on. Makes you wonder about the future of electronic ticketing.

    Congrats again to those who got their tickets and good luck to those still waiting.

  2. I looked on ticketmaster yesterday and there were tickets available for NYC. Not great tickets admittedly but there were some there.

  3. Mark, IDK. Am I missing something? I tried the Beacon Theater’s official page on numerous occasions on the pre-sale day and after. Any attempts to buy tickets through that site just redirects to an all black Captcha page. I adjusted my browser security settings and tried both Firefox and I.E. Nothing. Of course, I have no trouble getting to reseller sites like Stubhub. They have plenty of tickets. What is available there is beyond my price range. I finally broke down and emailed my sister. She had asked what I want for Christmas but these tickets prices are way beyond what she planned on spending so I don’t expect her to say yes. Money is tight right now. Sigh.

  4. I’m quite unsure about what’s going on here, really… it’s not adding up for me. For the NYC gigs, at least, the Beacon’s website still shows plenty of tickets available directly from them… not five minutes ago, there were still orchestra-section seats available at regular, non-inflated, non-scalper prices. As far as I can understand, the pre-sale tickets sold out instantly, many of them to scalpers who, in turn, began flogging them online for outrageously fucking obscene prices. But those pre-sale tickets which sold out instantly were only a very tiny amount of seats… barely a dent in the overall seating charts. So… am I missing something here?

  5. Deb, I’ve been checking the various resellers/brokers and the prices vary. Last night, I found orchestra seats for $350-450 and rear balcony seats for $89 + fees. Way out of my price range.

    Scalpers make a living out of these criminal acts but let’s not forget the fans who buy extra tickets and sell them at a profit to cover the price of their own. It never occurs to anyone to offer the ticket to another fan at face value. The bottom line is who has the cash and who doesn’t. It’s reality. It’s the way of things. But It’s sad. I haven’t had a whole lot of joy in my life lately and I was really counting on seeing Nick next year.

    I wish Nick would pull the plug but I don’t see that happening. It’s not his problem, is it?

    In the 1960s, this show would have been shut down. People would boycott and the theater would be empty. Everyone would be too ashamed to go in when so many were left outside for no reason other than they couldn’t afford it. The band would refuse to go on, etc. It was solidarity. People all felt the same. Music was sacred. You wanted other people to be there and experience it with you. Ticket were sold the old-fashioned way, at the venues or by mail order. If you bought a ticket through a ticket reseller they had the tickets right there and showed you the seats and they were only allowed to charge a small overhead to cover their own expenses. Everybody had a fair chance of getting a ticket. That was then.

    Look, I don’t want to be a wet blanket for those who have tickets and will be attending. That’s not fair, either, to be here pissing and moaning because I was unlucky and too broke to cover the extra costs. Have fun. Have the fucking time of your life. You only get one, after all.

  6. cheaper to get a plane ticket to oz and see him here! or cross the atlantic and see him in the UK. if i were him i would pull the pin on the concerts. what utter BULLSHIT. as you said is there actually anyone that is going to be at those concerts?? who can afford that?

  7. This is horrible. I am so sorry for all the fans 😦 It really makes me angry as well. More than 1000$? Damn, thats hilarious. Guess Nick will play in front of a lot of empty seats if nobody who is able to does anything about it. How sad that is 😦

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