Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (1989-07-02) Werchter Festival

Merry Christmas from Nick Fixes! Here is a vintage Bad Seeds fix.

The above clip is the only video available from the Werchter concert. However, there is a fine audio recording available, and I’ve included it as your Christmas fix. Look under the cut…

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – 1989-07-02 – Werchter, Belgium
Lineup: Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld, Mick Harvey, Kid Congo Powers, Roland Wolf, Thomas Wydler
(Audience recording) |  DOWNLOAD FLAC

Upload thanks to Edge @ Guitars101

Screencaps of The Bad Seeds @Werchter Festival, 1989.  (In no particular order.)

vlcsnap-00150 vlcsnap-00212 vlcsnap-00208 vlcsnap-00207 vlcsnap-00206 vlcsnap-00205 vlcsnap-00204 vlcsnap-00203 vlcsnap-00201 vlcsnap-00199 vlcsnap-00192 vlcsnap-00189 vlcsnap-00187 vlcsnap-00186 vlcsnap-00184 vlcsnap-00183 vlcsnap-00178 vlcsnap-00177 vlcsnap-00174 vlcsnap-00172 vlcsnap-00170 vlcsnap-00169 vlcsnap-00168 vlcsnap-00165 vlcsnap-00160 vlcsnap-00239 vlcsnap-00238 vlcsnap-00235 vlcsnap-00227 vlcsnap-00226 vlcsnap-00223 vlcsnap-00221 vlcsnap-00219 vlcsnap-00216 vlcsnap-00244

Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (1989-07-02) Werchter Festival

  1. You are welcome, Michelle. I wish I had the entire show on video but From Her To Eternity is the only complete song that I have seen from what was broadcast on Belgian TV. Here is a short extract from a 1994 documentary by Nanni Jacobsen showing the band reviewing the Werchter footage. They are watching 500 Miles and Nick accuses Blixa of crying. Blixa says, “I always cry during that song.” (I love this bit.)

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