Nick Cave onstage in London 10 Feb 2013

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Her Majesty’s Theatre, London – 10.02.13

Photos copyright John Galantini & Mary Jane Walker

Nick Cave, London 10 Feb 2013

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

London Her Majesty’s Theatre

10th February 2013

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds touring line up is:

Nick Cave: Vocals, Piano, Guitar

Warren Ellis: Violin, Mandolin & Samples

Martyn Casey: Bass

Conway Savage: Piano, Organ

Jim Sclavunos: Drums, Keys, & Percussion

Barry Adamson: Drums, Keys, & Percussion

Ed Kuepper: Guitar

Line-up corrections tx to Drowned In Sound (edited 12 Feb 2013)

*Plus “a string quintet, a small children’s choir and a couple of backing singers”
*Thomas Wydler is ill and did not play. *He will not play on this tour.*

*Additional info via The Arts Desk: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Her Majesty’s Theatre

Set List:

We No Who U R

Wide Lovely Eyes

Water’s Edge

Jubilee Street


We Real Cool

Finishing Jubilee Street

Higgs Boson Blues

Push The Sky Away

From Her To Eternity

Red Right Hand

O Children

The Ship Song

Jack The Ripper


Your Funeral My Trial

Love Letter

Mercy Seat

Stagger Lee

35 thoughts on “Nick Cave onstage in London 10 Feb 2013

  1. a shame some songs didn’t are still at the setlist, but holy hell “From her to eternity” is there! and “My funeral…” as well. That along makes me sad I won’t be able to see him this part of the tour. I hope they will stay there.

  2. Recommended review:

    Push Every Other Band Away: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Live Report
    By Sean Adams (Drowned in Sound, 11 Feb 2013)

    These are not grand battlefields of noise nor are they the lovelorn piano ballads we’ve gotten used to. No, no, Push the Sky Away is another demonic-beast entirely. There’s an element of balladry, but also an early morning, watching the sun rise over a field of bloodied bodies ‘vibe’ to these soundscape. War is over, but a whole new battle for your heart and soul is beginning. It’s far more textural, but they haven’t gone quite as far as Liars did with WIXIW, it’s still very much a Bad Seeds record: ravished by life, putting itself back together, and occasionally threatening to stalk the darkest recesses of your mind.

    “…he’s a goo-roooo!”

    Cave pulls the air, as if he’s yanking an angel’s ribs in two; he twirls, lunges and punches, which could seem like the acts of a lunatic wrestling invisible adversaries, were it not for the glorious mess that sprawls all around him. The Bad Seeds’ mongrel of gospel and blues and punk-rock’n’roll mixes the guttural with the sensual and pounds spiritual spectres until they’re something celestial. Which is to say, this is the greatest show on earth, just don’t forget to tip your hat to the devil when the doorman flings your sorry ass back onto the filthy/icy streets of London. Read more

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