Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – London, Paris & Berlin

Updated Feb 14, 2013
This thread is for sharing video clips & audio downloads from the London, Paris, and Berlin shows. Please check comments section for additions. If you have links to share, put them here. Tx!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – O Children – Live in Paris, Trianon, 11/02/2013


19 thoughts on “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – London, Paris & Berlin

  1. Not the full concert. it’s the incomplete German radioedit of the show in Berlin
    Wonderfull show. Glad I was one of the lucky ones πŸ™‚

  2. Berlin was a BLAST! We stood in the front row and were paralysed πŸ˜€ Nick was really good and so was the band. I had the feeling that Nick was really giving everything to us during that performance, he was really living the songs and there was a tension in the room that at some point in the beginning felt like it would make me fall into pieces. But it unloaded somewhen and I felt so calm and kind of free. Nick has a soothing element, I dunno if its the music itself or just my love for him, but when he enters the stage, I feel it after a short while.

    His voice has something new for me, I already recognized it while listening to some of the new songs, but its even more prominent live. There is a darker element in it, really sexy in a way but also dangerous. Gives the songs depth and strength. He has a lot of energy these days, positive and negative energy, you imagine you feel it when you stand there.

    Really a very beautiful evening. They stopped the radiostuff before Jack The Ripper began. They left out Red Right Hand in Berlin, I think the rest was the same like in London and Paris. (I always seem to be part of the concerts when they leave out a song, I remembered they left out Palaces Of Montezuma in Hamburg with Grinderman ;))

    By the way, I am in love with that little lemon Warren has πŸ˜€

    Thank you very much for all the links! πŸ™‚

    • What a great review! Thx!!! :*

      >>There is a darker element in it, really sexy in a way but also dangerous.

      I think I agree with you. Also the part about his energy. I don’t know about the word soothing but I think I know what you mean. To me, it’s a kind of hypnosis. Like you are under a spell. I can imagine you were paralyzed! Tx again for posting!

      • You put it well. Thats the hard part about not being a native speaker πŸ˜‰ I think what I wanted to say is that I recognize quite some people become really hyper the longer it goes and the closer he gets, but for me its the opposite. IΒ΄m hyper before it starts, but then something happens.

  3. From Her to Eternity, Paris 11 Feb 2013



    Push the Sky Away, Paris, 11 Feb 2013

    Stagger Lee, Paris, 11 Feb 2013



    This person had a particularly good set:

    Stagger Lee (wide view), Paris, 11 Feb 2013

    Your Funeral, My Trial, Paris, 11 Feb 2013



    Another set from Paris:

    We No Who UR, Paris, 11 Feb 2013



    Higgs Boson Blues – London 10 Feb 2013




    Red Right Hand – Brighton 8 Feb 2013


    Obviously, you guys can search around YouTube for more. I”m waiting on more uploads from Berlin. πŸ˜‰

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