Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Live Stream, Fonda Theatre L.A. on 22 Feb

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Live Sream from Fonda Theater

From Josh Hall at Rockfeedback:

The event marks a rare live stream event from the artist, and will take place at 9PM PST on 21 February (equivalent to 5AM GMT on 22 February). Viewers can watch by subscribing to the RFB YouTube channel, and can tweet along using the hashtag #nickcavelive

RFB is also co-hosting the world’s first Twitter Vine Q&A, in which Nick Cave will give video answers to fan questions. Fans can tweet their questions with the hashtag #asknickcave and he will answer a selection on 19 February at 9AM PST (5PM GMT).

RFB will be running a series of exclusive articles in anticipation of the event during Nick Cave Week, starting on Monday  (Feb 19, 2013).


9 PM PST, 12 MID EST, 5 AM GMT (FEB 22, 2013)


15 thoughts on “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Live Stream, Fonda Theatre L.A. on 22 Feb

  1. Thank you Morgan Wolf. You are amazing! I have written a review on my, rarely viewed and rarely produced, blog of the record Push The Sky Away: I am trying to write more and attract more attention. Thank you!

  2. I was absolutely loving this. I was watching the 24 hour repeat, when the stream crapped out during the Ship Song. I did not see more, but there is mention in the comments of an impending Director’s Cut. I wonder what that will entail. Different cameras, song edits? DVD? Nick complained about messing up Higgs Boson. This album is really growing on me: the sublties, complexities, melodies, all of these add up at the end; I love the song, Push The Sky Away. Probably my fave on the album. Should be a concert standard. Probably.

  3. Ha its 5am or 6am here? I can´t watch that, I have to work at 8am and I doubt they will accept “Sorry had to watch Nick Cave live from LA” as an excuse, so no chance 😀 Anyway…I wish much fun watching it for those of you who can of course! 😀

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