Nick wowing the crowd in Adelaide

Photos by Sonia Palonka, taken March 4, 2013 in Adelaide.

Nick- Cave Thebby Sonia Palonka

Nick- Cave Thebby Sonia Palonka-2

Nick- Cave Thebby Sonia Palonka3

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About Morgan Wolfe

I write contemporary LGBTQ fiction that explores the dark & light of human love and desire. Interests: Progressive politics, visual arts, vintage illustration, mid-century design. French films, Queer cinema. Literary quotes. J'adore Paris. Ich liebe Berlin.

10 thoughts on “Nick wowing the crowd in Adelaide

    • No arguments at all regarding the photos, but it sounds like you truly need to catch an Iggy gig while he’s still around. Trust me.

      • On the contrary, ma’am. I’ve spent the better part of this past week working on a little dance routine to ‘Mermaids,’ which — security forces permitting — I plan on debuting in the aisles during the Beacon gig. Believe me, it’s gonna be a proper crowd pleaser.

          • I’d fully intended to miss it completely, but got listed into Friday’s Beacon gig. Will do my best to go with an open mind and no expectations.

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