Nick Cave & Blixa Bargeld (circa 1986)

Nick Cave & Blixa Bargeld (circa 1986) Photo by Tony Clark.

Photo removed by request.


9 thoughts on “Nick Cave & Blixa Bargeld (circa 1986)

  1. Just discovering/ learning/ watching what Nick and Blixa did/acomplished together… Amazed… but : i’m wondering: am i the only one to think that there was something more than perfect chemistry? Not sick, not unhealthy, i love them both so much; i’m just moved by whatever is going on between them… I guess it’s old news for you, but i just got slapped by a beauty i can’t get…

    • Jutka! Thanks for stopping by. It has been awhile! *HUGS*

      Yes, I’ve seen it. I nearly died! He’s such a pretty pretty gurl. XD I think it’s safe to say that photo was meant to be private and not for public consumption but it’s so precious and perfect and I’m delighted that I got to see it. He’s just one of a kind, isn’t he? 😉

      • Yes, I agree… 🙂 Actually it was published in a russian magazine, so that’s why i “dared” to link publicly…

    • It’s hard to know if this is before the show and Blixa is primping (I think he’s teasing his hair) or just after and Nick’s just hanging out waiting for him. Either way, love it, ha-ha. Love Blixa’s posture of course and Nick’s expression. The position of the beer bottle and (what looks like) cigarette smoke make a hilarious juxtaposition. My current favorite Nixa picture.

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