JP Shilo at Rowland S. Howard Tribute

‘Ave Maria’ at the Rowland S. Howard Tribute at MEMO St Kilda, 1 Mar 2013. Performed by JP Shilo, Harry Howard, Mick Harvey & TJ Howden. Video by Mick Bell.

JP Shilo [is] the star of the show. Rowland was a musician who thought the beauty of electric guitars was that you could defeat their purpose. It’s probably a bit coarse to describe Shilo as Rowland’s protégé since he’s an in-demand guitarist and violinist in his own right, but he’s perfectly captured that mercurial method of playing. He sings as sinisterly as a man pasting up newspaper clippings on his bedroom wall, but he can make a guitar cry, stagger and die with much less effort.
– Jenny Valentish  Time Out Melbourne Feb 28, 2013

Hugs, kisses & big thanks to Deb for these wonderful vids!


12 thoughts on “JP Shilo at Rowland S. Howard Tribute

  1. I have just booked to see Mick Harvey at the Lexington in London on May 5th. Hoping that JP Shilo and Rosie Westbrook will be with him.

    If you pre order Mick’s new album (Four – Acts of Love) from Mute, you can get a signed copy.

      • Well OK, I should have waited til the end of the video. It clearly is not Rowland’s guitar, but wouldn’t it have been cool if it was being played during this concert? Still, this is awesome footage. Thank you for sharing this. Very moving.

        • I don’t know if I could handle it if that was RSH’s guitar. Srsly. I agree this is awesome footage and I’m grateful that Deb filmed it. JP is fabulously talented. (I loved his narration on the autoluminescent film.)

  2. I adore JP, he is such a wonderful musician and I would love if he put out music from his band The Saddests, or any other of his other later music. (I am aware of Hungry Ghosts) At least we have wonderful video footage from Deb, as well as others.

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