Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @Glastonbury 2013

Post updated 3 July 2013

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @Glastonbury 2013

Jubilee Street
From Her to Eternity
Jack the Ripper
People Ain’t No Good
The Mercy Seat
Stagger Lee
Push the Sky Away
Encore: Red Right Hand

NOTE: The set started with We No Who U R, which I had to cut out thanks to copyright claims.
(Tx to Yaseanne for the upload!)

Stagger Lee (HD) (Audience shot) Tx Clearspot


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street @Glastonbury 2013

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis –  Glastonbury 2013

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Glastonbury 2013

BBC’s Warning/Apology (because you never know what might happen at a Nick Cave show)


12 thoughts on “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @Glastonbury 2013

    • Glad you enjoyed Glasto. Yeah, the fall thing. He got right back up and completed the set. Good thing he went to the ER after. You can’t fool around once you get to a certain age.
      The dude is 55, crowd walking, mesmerizing women at will, and falling off stages. Good on ya, Nick. 😀

    • Thanks Cowboy. It’s incomplete and not great quality but I was glad to see it.

      Btw: How’s the new album going? Some tasty stuff on your *free* downloads page. I just got ‘Live on a Street Called Rock & Roll’. (I’ll let you know if it wilts my houseplants.)

      *Fixes friends: check out SOUR JAZZ.

  1. NOTE: I’m looking for audio/video from Glastonbury. Will post if I’m successful. Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile…at ATP/Iceland, Nick falls during Jubilee Street (@about 8.20)

    The audience thought that he had broken his neck” wrote a well known Icelandic music enthusiast called Dr. Gunni on his blog. “Especially when a roadie, who was very upset, came running over the stage and jumped to Nick Cave. While this was happening the band went crazy with one of the most masterful freak/noise-outs of the evening.”.

    Nick Cave was not badly injured and returned to the stage and made fun of the whole thing. He said that he should have asked for a railing on the stage and that his behind hurts.

    Nick Cave Sent To ER In Reykjavík

    Festival organiser Tómas Young told RÚV that Cave tumbled off the stage while performing Jubilee Street, but he re-appeared on stage 30 seconds later and finished his set as if nothing had gone wrong.

    However, after the 3 hour performance Cave was taken to the hospital where he was examined and given some painkillers. He is badly bruised, but otherwise fine.

    Incidentally, Cave fell from a ramp that was constructed at his own request so that he could get closer to the audience during his set.

    One tough sonuvabitch. He balances on those barriers with his street shoes. I don’t know how he does it.

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