baby it’s a cool machine

Last night I went through all the posts I’d put on ‘private’ so I could repair downed videos and dead links.  However, most of them were in pretty good shape so I republished them in a batch.  You’ll find missing media all through the archives.  A lot of stuff is simply unavailable.

I’ve still got problems with my eyes. It’s a chronic condition that I’m adjusting to. Instead of being sad about what I can’t do I’ve decided to be happy and productive as much as possible.

Baby, it’s a cool machine.

Release the Bats – The Birthday Party Peel Sessions


5 thoughts on “baby it’s a cool machine

  1. In an amazing (and freaky) turn of events, I will be moving to another apartment in two weeks. Last week, I got a call that this place was available but the building manager told me I’d have to move in by Nov 15th. F*ck, I said, that’s too soon. Huh. The Universe said, no Morgan, now is the time and the time is now. A few days later, I came down with asthmatic bronchitis (again). The environmental pollutants in this apartment building are killing me. Okay, Universe, I give. So, if I don’t die of stress from all this last minute insanity, I’ll be in a new place before Thanksgiving. It’s just around the corner, literally – 1 BR, 1 bath, 1st floor end unit. LR has sliding glass doors that open to a fair-sized yard. There’s even a rosebush under the window. It’s quiet and affordable. That’s a deal.

  2. One tough lady you are 🙂 So glad to read that dear and I am sure you will have many happy days – about being productive..oh well, you´ve always been stunning with your work on the blogs and now you´re even more. Keep on pushing 😉

  3. Hi, Morgan! You are back with a vengeance! It is nice to see your posts again! Speaking of which, thank you for your nice comment on my blog about my album review. I am proud of that crazy moment in time, of music, and I appreciate that you took time to read, listen to the review. Take care and be well!

    • Hey again, Chris. You are welcome about the comment. Very interesting work. It seemed cathartic for you. (Fwiw, I could hear a Neubauten influence..)

      I certainly plan to take care. Thanks again.

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