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Nick Cave at Hammersmith Apollo 27 Oct 2013

Nick Cave – Hammersmith Apollo – 27 Oct 2013
Photo: C Brandon/Redferns via Getty Images

In case you missed it:  Nick Cave interview with ZDF Kultur (video 58 min) 21 Oct 2013 HERE

Nick Cave on ZDF Kultur

Nick Cave on ZDF Kultur

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live from KCRW

Live from KCRW Album will release on Nov 29 in the USA, Dec 2nd elsewhere. MORE INFO

ARIA Awards are Dec 1st. HERE  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds received 6 nominations, including Best Album and Best Live Act.  Online voting is restricted to Australians.

Nick Cave Foto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Nick Cave by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

R.I.P. Lou Reed March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013

Visit Lou In Memoriam to view Jean Baptiste Mondino’s powerful portrait study of Lou, taken two weeks before he died.

Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker and Lou Reed at the Leonard Cohen tribute concert 2008. Photo copyright Rex Features, Jeremy Craine via Digital Spy.

Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker, Lou Reed at Leonard Cohen tribute 2008

Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker & Lou Reed in 2008. Photo: Jeremy Craine

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58 thoughts on “Nick Cave – European Tour, News + Updates

  1. Offenbach, 13th November 2013

    Only a few days after Hamburg. I have to say usually I like the gaps to be a bit bigger, but I wanted to meet a dear friend who lives in another country there and it was more important in this case 🙂

    Went down from Hamburg to Offenbach after working in the early morning and arrived at the hotel not even an hour before leaving for the show again. Jumped out of the taxi at 5.30 and got ready for 1.5 hours in the cold again. This time it did not rain on our heads like in Hamburg which was quite nice, so there also was no fight with the security if we can please stand under the roof (did not work, that guy wanted to be super hard). Well..we hat quite some time to chat which was nice. Doors open again at 7pm but this time everything seemed to be much easier with the security. Nobody trying to stop me from running a bit to get a good place and nobody making a big deal out of us putting our coats behind the barrier. I was really happy.

    After the location in Hamburg this one seemed nearly a bit nice to me though it was also like a gym and it was strange…like if the stage stood at the wrong place, but I read it was because they say you can see the stage from nearly every corner of the room …not sure about that cause I got the perfect place in the right middle. I can talk a lot about the halls, I am visiting concerts all the time, but usally smaller ones by relatively unpopular bands, so its a strange situation for me when I have to line up hours before to see the band up close and I think I´ve never seen them in halls that big, with Grinderman it was just normal clubs like I am used to and before it was more like theatre or congress center. Nevertheless it makes it feel a bit special to see Nick 😉

    Shilpa at 8pm and this time surrounded by people who really appreciated her work and talent. So I could take a half-hour bath in her beautiful voice and melodies. At some points I thought I might go blind for the normal world. I have synesthesia so I have some quite strange moments when listening to music, especially live cause my brain connects color with music. Its a nice feature but the more the music touches me the more I get confused 😀 But I remember she said something about how she thinks its interesting that people get so enthusiastic about songs that sad 😉

    Again only a quite short break between Shilpa and NCATBS. Photographers came, photographers went, but Nick was standing next to Warren a lot so there are showing up more pro-pics of them together.

    Nick wore the golden shirt and as I said before I really liked that one or maybe not the shirt exactly, but him in that one. He looks fantastic in it and I can´t even say why, just suits him and makes him look even younger than he usually looks.

    He joked about that he´d seen us all already, said “Hello, hello, hello” pointing at many faces and then at someone saying “Never seen YOU before”. I have to say I also knew many faces in the front rows already and met people again I talked to in February though I “only” visited 3 shows this year and one festival and by far not half of the tour. So I think Nick mainly plays in front of the same group of people most of the time *laughs*

    Setlist was short and mainly the same like in Hamburg. He played The Weeping Song, someone requested that and he dedicated it to Blixa again, saying he misses him very much. Someone wanted “The Ship Song” but Nick said they can´t play it for “legal reasons”. I was honestly thankful for that, this all-time favourite of so many fans unfortunately never really did it for me and got played massively during the years. I´d love to see Sad Waters or Stranger Than Kindness and I even yelled for Stranger Than Kindness once I think though I usually don´t do it. Its a pity I still have not seen these songs live and its my favourite album of him. Quite a bit annoying, I thought at least at one show I´ll see Stranger Than Kindness, but it was gone.

    I really like watching the band now, I think the chemnistry changed during the long tour this year, they are a tight group now as I already saw in Hamburg. Its very enjoyable to watch them play together and how everybody always seems to know whats going on.

    Warren is great to watch while playing but I found out also while he is not playing. He looks at his instruments, checking them or maybe he is just sleeping for some seconds? We don´t know that but its a nice mystery. He´s also quite a good entertainer, even when I only see his back I think he can still be quite fascinating with his bows and all the things he does. He also has very good control of his body, in my opinion you can already see he´s a good musician because of the way he moves.

    Highlights of that evening were Mermaids and a badass version of From Her To Eternity.

    Nick introduced Mermaids with the words “Its a song about the disappearing of ideas, not about an old man looking at young women”, you can listen to what he said in the video:

    I think it was very soulful, Mermaids. Warrens solo makes that song complete these days. Should have been on the record, I only listen to the live version now.

    He also said some things about age before From Her To Eternity. Its kind of funny to listen to Nick Cave who yeah… is 56 years old now…talking about being old while you see what he is doing there. Its a pardox. A man with energy some 30 year old people dream of. I can only see a face that shows he lived a life while his body seems to look the same since 30 years, but an old person? No way. He´s more powerful these days than in some vids of the 90s.

    They did not play Give Us A Kiss.

    Not a suprising information as the tour seems to sell very well: It was very packed, some people behind me should have taken a shower before the show and sometimes I just tried to lean myself over the barrier to avoid a sweaty person behind me and the smell that came with that, people freaked out when Nick leaned into the crowd above my head and I was just trying to push myself away from certain persons that were crawling towards him and tried like a snake to twist myself between sweaty Nick Cave (enjoyable cause the man smells nice) and sweaty crowd (not so enjoyable). I am sure nobody saw my action cause I bet I would have heard the laughter over all the noise 😀

    Anyway my point of view was intense. I have been close to the stage more than once but never THAT close to Nick himself for the whole show. The power he has is stunning. Seeing him breathe and scream like that was really taking MY breath away. He can come across like a maschine and in the next moment he´s so human and soft again, next minute you think he´s exploding and suddenly he´s calm and super concentrated. Outstanding performer, I know why I want to be there, he knows how its done, a professional who has not lost his passion or the moments when he´s lost in his songs.

    Personal moments for Valerie 😉

    If you watch Tupelo and see the hand in the beginning at around 1.10, its mine 😉

    Again embarrassed myself in front of Nick afterwards. This is my week of embarassing myself 😀

    I knew my friend wanted to meet him and I really wanted that this happens. So we looked if he is somewhere behind. Found him and he was very polite saying he will be there in a minute. I called her and spoke in my strange English with her trying to explain where he is and I pray Nick did not hear all that 😀 I personally already have met him and have a wonderful picture so I had no fanstuff to do there really but could not stop watching him and because of that did not go away. I just like watching him move, he´s such an elegant creature. Yeah but he saw me and he was making a gesture with his hand like “Come over” and in the snippet of a second I was like “Ok I can´t walk away or just shake my head, that would be so odd now”. So I thought quickly “Ok I walk there and ask him for a picture why not”. Then stood next to him and realized there was something under my foot, panicked it was his foot and looked down on his shoes seeing it was only a tube and then saying in a state of relief “Oh my goood I thought it was your foot”. I am a weird person and he looked beautiful 🙂

    I won´t link the pictures as I keep them privately. I think he can´t decide about so many pictures being published so I can spare him these ones, just as a tiny act of respect without him ever knowing it 😉

    • Danke arrigato, Anna… you’ve done it again! Many many many thanks for taking the time to write all of that down… I’m grateful, and I know that others are grateful as well. I’ve read your entire Offenbach review twice, and STILL don’t know what shirt you wore that night. But, thanks to you, I think I have a new understanding of how Offenbachers regard personal hygeine. Hopefully The Bad Seeds balanced your week of hot dogs and body odor, and made it all worthwhile! Genießen Sie Ihr Wochenende und ich eine E-Mail, Sie bald zu schreiben, vielleicht über das Stachelschwein, die Farbe auf meinen Schuh verschüttet.

      • Ha Mark your German gets better and better. You can start and write some songs in German and present your vocalist, maybe abstract stuff 😀

    • Thank you for the wonderful review! It sounds like yet another amazing show! 🙂

      A few of my friends met him in Luxemburg yesterday and they got amazing pictures. I think I am gonna be brave and try to get one in Paris next week. Already nervous because I respect him so much and scared I will say something stupid. But I guess he is used to people being that way around him (haha at least I hope so!).

      • Ha you will do it Valerie 😀 Look what I did and I am still here *laughs* He is easy with fans and he is polite or even really sweet, I think you can’t do wrong when you don’t scream insults at him 😉 In the end he is just a nice and very talented human being (and looks even better off stage!) 🙂 I cross my fingers for you 🙂

  2. All right people its time for the reviews I promised Morgan before visiting my two shows for this tour 😉

    Hamburg, 10th November 2013

    I have to say I like to see shows in my hometown usually because you´re less tired and stressed, but this time I wished I could have skipped that cause of the location that is maybe the most awful in the whole city, a sports hall, but oh well…why wasting money you do not have for travelling when you have it near you right?

    Arrived in front of it at 5pm which was too early cause until around 6pm we were standing there with maybe 10 to 15 people. Usually I show up half an hour before they open doors but with these huge halls on this tour I thought it might be better to be patient before to have a decent place in the end.

    Already standing in front of that thing was kind of ugly, seeing those “Hot Dog” sellers and whatever like being at a fucking fun fair. It was a turn-off and I don´t want do come across arrogant but usually I skip locations like that. That says a lot about how much I love this band that I went there.

    Security were awful as expected.They were strict and at the same time not doing a good job. The woman who should check us was just staring at us doing nothing and I was like “Come on let us in” seeing the people on the other side rushing in already. But a collegue had to come and say to her “Go and start now!”. Thats why I stood some meters too far on the right side at the barrier in front of the huge box that was killing my ears later so that I had to protect one of them which I usually don´t like cause it can ruin the sound and make it too muddy. But the sound was not great at my place anyway. But I could see everything very well 😉

    I waited for the lights to go out to just forget about that dead place I was standing in.

    Then Shilpa came on and I was looking forward to that very much. I badly wanted to see her live since a few years already but she did not come to Europe until now. And it was even better than I´d expected. She blew me away completely. Her voice is so extraordinary it makes you shiver again and again…this woman really go it. I was insanely happy during her performance but had to try ignoring some disrespectful people around me who kept on babbling about how much they hate it and that they want “the support” to end. It was quite annoying unfortunately. I´d love to see Shilpa Ray with her band in a smaller venue, I hope she becomes popular enough over here now and returns to us playing solo shows 🙂

    NCATBS were on at 9pm and the usual game with the photographers started and they left after the first song.

    My personal highlights of the show were The Mercy Seat, Do You Love Me?, Watching Alice and We Real Cool.

    Nick really owned The Mercy Seat. I mean its this kind of centerpiece, but sometimes it “just good” and other times it makes your knees get weak. This time was for the knees. We also saw him doing one of the famous kneefalls during that one. It was painful and powerful at the same time to watch that performance. Really outstanding.

    Watching Alice was heartbreakingly beautiful. There was something in his voice, a kind of undertone that was placing stitches all over my heart 😉

    I liked the performance of We Real Cool cause it was intense this time. Sometimes its just a relaxed little song, sometimes it creates a tight atmosphere.

    No need to say why I loved seeing Do You Love Me?, I did not see it since many years (for my age at least) and its one of my absolute favourite songs.

    I was really amazed how I forgot about everything after a while even in that place – repeating myself, yes I know and I like doing it when it comes to this 😀 Nevertheless its the usual thing to happen when you see a good show and this was a good one.

    Some anectdotes: Nick had a little men´s choir in the middle of the barrier. They did the “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” during Stagger Lee and they loved it so much they continued to do that. Nick somewhen smiled and said “Oh shut up” 😀 Speaking about this group of male fans I wondered again why the journalists often write that the ladies in the front are mesmerized by Nick, cause there are not many differences between the males and the females. They were in love with him these guys and it was beautiful to watch.

    Nick played Deanna cause someone was screaming for it though we all know he only plays songs that are somewhere in his options. Someone also screamed Lay Me Low and of course they did not play that. He said he is dying for a cigarette though still played Give Us A Kiss afterwards. I think the second part of Give Us A Kiss is great to end a concert. The band leaving one by one during that until only Warrens loops are still there.

    Personal experience: During Deanna he gesticulated while looking at me, pulling at his shirt maybe pointing at mine – its possible that I don´t recollect that exactly, but he wanted to say he likes my shirt and I was too stupid to understand that at first so I just thought my shirt is maybe destroyed or whatever. It was a very funny moment. I was just saying “Whaaat?” and made an idiot out of myself probably 😀 His shirt was beautiful as well and he would have looked good in mine if it was a bit bigger 😉

    That was Hamburg. Already quite long but Offenbach was even better than Hamburg so maybe will be even longer as well 😀

    Send that now cause I lost it once and I think I can´t do it again. Write about Offenbach later.

    Here are some good videos of Hamburg:

      • I have corrected your image link. It should show up for everyone now. If not I have still left the direct link. 🙂

        Thanks for the great review. It’s much for fun to a fan point of view that the ones from newspapers etc 🙂

        The bit about your shirt is funny! What kind of shirt were you wearing?

        • And I have to say men are as enthusiastic as women when it comes to Nick. In London actually more men wanted to reach for him and touch him than women… especially the huge bloke who was behind me. lol

        • Thank you Valerie! Also for correcting the photo mess 🙂

          Yeah its indeed a really funny bit I think. Usually I try to not include things like that in my public reviews too much…like “He grabbed my hand, he did this or that and aaaaww..” ;), but the shirt story…it was worth it I think 😀

          The shirt was shiny black with flowers, I really like that one, found it somewhere vintage, it must´ve been produced somewhen in the 80s, cause its made in “West Germany” *laughs* You can get an idea of it in this photo, I think it could be his kind of stuff as well 😉

          • Oh no the personal stuff in reviews is awesome I think. 🙂 I am not judging because when he grabbed my hand at a Grinderman concert I think I wrote a whole paragraph about it, slightly ashamed now, but it was my very first “close encounter”. lol

            Your shirt looks lovely and I can see why he liked it!

    • Thanks for that, Anna… du bist mein Held! I know how much you were looking forward to it, and I’m really happy to hear that you weren’t disappointed [except with the hot dogs]!

      • Haha thank you Mark, yeah those damn hot dogs 😉

        Get ready for my review of Offenbach, it was the better show, the travelling was worth it.

        Glad to read you might be busy recording when Nick tours the US! Gooood news! 🙂

      • The NYC gig that I saw back in March was more than a bit lacking, to put it as diplomatically as I possibly can. I’m guessing that they finally feel confident that they’ve hit their stride as a live outfit, and feel like coming back and doing it right this time.

        Besides, the entire industry has been turned on its head… less than ten years ago you’d go on tour to promote an album, whereas now you put out albums to promote tours. Looking at it that way, I’m not surprised at all that they’re returning.

        That said, though, I’m really quite sorry about beating you to it, Valerie, and I promise I won’t let it happen again!

          • I’m going to buy tickets, Anna, but I might not make it to the gig[s]… we’re supposedly recording a new album in Tokyo this summer. Hopefully, though, I will be able to do both!

        • I feel like it’s even more different fom them because they now have their own label. I think it’s in the German interview in the post above that Nick says that now they are on their own and can do whatever they want. He mentionned that they have booked the current tour themselves too.

          Was it a concert with the kids choir?

          lol I am just happy that some people are still alive and sharing news on the blog. 😉

        • I too am excited they are coming back. I thought they were fine last time here in San Francisco, but hearing and seeing these videos and concerts now, they are absolutely tight and on fire. I also get the impression George is enjoying his time onstage with Nick more than Ed was. He didn’t seem that into it, but now. . . Well, and certainly no disrespect meant to Mr. Kuepper.

          And, well this should go on ‘Seele Brennt’ really, but I just received an email say Neubauten has a composed a new piece that they will present next November in Flanders to help commemorate 100th anniversary of ‘The Fall of Diksmuide’ during WWI. I might have to start planning for a trip to Belgium a year from now. Sorry to go off topic.

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