New biography – Tender Prey by Mark Mordue

To be released on March 31st, 2014 :
Tender Prey Autobiography of Nick Cave by Mark Mordue.


From The Orion Publishing Group:

Major biography of modern rock icon, written with Nick Cave’s input.

Nick Cave has spent over three decades living on the artistic edge, building up a sizable following, but never compromising his vision. His global wanderings have taken in Melbourne, London, Berlin, Sao Paolo, New York, and, currently, Brighton. He now has a major body of work behind him — some 20 albums, two novels, films scores and an acting career. From his strung-out Birthday Party days in London and Berlin in the early 1980s, battling heroin addiction and overcoming the premature death of his father; through his artistic and personal relationships with the likes of PJ Harvey and Kylie Minogue, and, finally, the redemptive turns of marriage, family life and sobriety, Cave has emerged with his creativity undiminished and his reputation growing in acclaim.

TENDER PREY, Mark Mordue’s doorstep of a biography, leaves no stone unturned. Having interviewed Cave extensively as well as his close colleagues, Mordue balances this rare insight with an independent, critical spirit. In Mordue’s words the book tells ‘the story of a man on the run from himself and his demons, and how he has documented that journey in song; a movement through hell and high water with one of the world’s greatest musical artists’.

Available to pre-order on Amazon UK.


7 thoughts on “New biography – Tender Prey by Mark Mordue

  1. Looking forward to the new biography. I too could not think of an actor to play Nick in a biopic. As mentioned above, Ray and Walk the Line were both very good.

  2. well personally i loved “the doors” and the “i walked the line” or whatever it was called “the ray” one wasnt that bad either in my opinion but i’ll propably detest one made about nick and the various band members he has played with.

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