ARIA Awards – OOR

The end of the year often signifies the time to reflect on the best albums of the year, and Push the Sky Away has certainly made on impact on the music industry.

On December 1st, the ARIA Awards took place and Push the Sky Away won “best adult contemporary album” as well as “best independent release”. We know Cave’s position on awards ceremonies but he has recently declared: “”…, Push The Sky Away in my view is the best record of our career and at the moment the Bad Seeds live are on fire. So in this instance, any awards that may come away are justified. And greatly appreciated.” Source.


Dutch magazine OOR has released a special Christmas edition featuring the best albums of 2013 and Push the Sky Away has made the list… at #1!


One thought on “ARIA Awards – OOR

  1. What a fabulous cover. I’m a little late commenting, I’m afraid. Mostly done settling in the new flat. Wow. It’s nearly Christmas!

    I posted a special prezzie at Seele Brennt (Neubauten live @ Phoenician Club, Sydney, 1991). I will be falling down the Nick Fixes chimney before Christmas morning with your Cave giftie.

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