20,000 Days on Earth – First Official Clip & Berlin press conference

This is very exciting, the first official clip from 20,000 Days on Earth has been released!

The film will screen this week-end at the Berlinale Film Festival and on Monday will be followed by a Q&A with Ian, Jane and Nick.

For our American fans, the movie will be part of True/False Film Fest in Missouri. More info here. Jane and Ian will be there as well.

Highlights from the press conference.

Full press conference is here.


6 thoughts on “20,000 Days on Earth – First Official Clip & Berlin press conference

  1. Ah Valerie I just realized I can work on it myself since Morgan made me a contributor and don´t even need to bother you 🙂 I know you don´t want to read too much about it so just decide for yourself if you read my review in the end – but I try to make it as spoilerfree as possible which is a nice way to write about it 🙂

  2. I have been there and try to finish my review soon and send it to Valerie 🙂 The film is a unique work, I´ve never seen anything like that before. The idea behind it is brilliant I think and the pictures are stunning. But I keep the rants for the longer text 😀

  3. Wonderful! I’m thrilled about 20,000 Days on Earth winning Editing and Directing awards at Sundance. I’ve been wanting to comment on the appearance of Blixa Bargeld in the film. Apparently, he answers the burning question we’ve discussed here for years: why did he leave the Bad Seeds. Nick gets the answer for the first time right along with the audience.

    I wish I could be at Berlinale. Here’s the field of 16 films, 10 of which are world premieres.

    Off-topic: Aside from 20,000 Days I’m interested in Anderson by Annekatrin Hendel. Sascha Anderson, a member of East Berlin’s “oppositional literary scene” during the 1980s, and an acquaintance of Christa Wolf, Franz Fühmann and Heiner Müller, was a Stasi informant. His file was shredded in the last days of the Stasi but the Puzzlers were able to reassemble it. I’d be interested to hear Anderson explain his betrayal. There were so many informants. Estimates are 1 in 7. Is he going to say, “Everybody else was doing it?” or “I did it because I had no choice” (my favorite). It’s a straight interview format, afaik, Fwiw, It’s been nominated for Amnesty International Film Prize 2014.

    I think 20,000 has an excellent chance. Dying to see it.

    Thank you, Valerie for continuing to post.

    waves blows kisses to whomever is still tuned in.

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