A Little History: Photographs of Nick Cave & Cohorts 1981-2013 by Bleddyn Butcher

A Little History: Photographs of Nick Cave & Cohorts 1981-2013 by Bleddyn Butcher
Out:  Sept 4th 2014.  Published by Allen & Unwin.  In stock at Amazon.co.uk

Australian photographer Bleddyn Butcher has spent more than thirty years chronicling a legend.  Nick himself describes Bleddyn’s photos as ‘the props around which my memories collect.’ It’s understandable, considering Bleddyn’s uncanny timing, as when Bob Dylan showed up at Nick’s trailer at Glastonbury. Over the years, Bleddyn Butcher has made his bones as the quintessential Cave documentarian.  He has produced the most iconic images of Nick Cave ever photographed, the best of which are assembled in A Little History: Photographs of Nick Cave & Cohorts 1981-2013.

Every picture has a story attached, and Bleddyn recounts the behind the scenes details with a gleeful, dry wit (and a healthy respect for his subjects) that I think everyone will appreciate. In one story from the Berlin years, Bleddyn is at the Risiko with Nick and some friends. Blixa proceeds to set fire to Bleddyn’s brandy. In another, Bleddyn describes nearly falling out a window while trying to shoot the tight space of Eucrid’s lair at Yorckstrasse.  In another, he waits all day in the large ballroom at Hansa Studios, watching the natural light fade. In walks Nick, well after dark. Bleddyn sets up his light, and asks him to sit at the piano.  The result is the iconic silhouette of Cave bent over the baby grand at Hansa Studios, which for me, evokes the sorrowful essence of Your Funeral, My Trial. Indeed, flipping through the pages of ‘A Little History’ is like a watching a Kinetoscope of Nick Cave’s career, with a soundtrack running in your head. All of the cohorts and collaborators of the past thirty-odd years are represented, in what Nick Cave calls, a “book of rescued moments.”

A LITTLE HISTORY is a stunning collection of 100 photographs. The jacket cover photo is a well-chosen portrait of Nick during ‘The Singer’ period. The flip side of the jacket reveals a hidden poster of Nick, in his Maynard guise. And that’s just for starters. A LITTLE HISTORY will be equally prized by Cave aficionados and those who appreciate fine photography. It is the perfect coffee table book for Autumn 2014 and X-mas gifting. In stock now at Amazon.uk.

Review by Morgan Wolfe for Nick Cave Fixes blog, September 4, 2014.

View Nick Cave’s career in pictures , a set of Bleddyn Butcher’s iconic images.

Below, The Birthday Party performimg at The Moonlight Club, North London. October 1981.

Photograph by Bleddyn Butcher.  All rights reserved by artist.

The Birthday Party, LONDON OCT 1981. Photograph by Bleddyn Butcher

‘The band was an unruly beast, champing at every bit, straining at every leash.

Everyone had an opinion; they all had to be heard.’

-Bleddyn Butcher

A Little History: Photographs of Nick Cave & Cohorts 1981-2013

Thanks to Clare Drysdale, of Allen and Unwin, Nick Cave Fixes is hosting a giveaway for three copies of A Little History: Photographs of Nick Cave & Cohorts 1981-2013 by Bleddyn Butcher.

The fairest way to decide the winners seemed to be via a random number generator.  Here’s how it goes. I’ve generated a random sequence of numbers from 1-100. The numbers are saved and waiting. If you would like to enter to win one of the three copies of Bleddyn’s book, simply choose a number from 1-100 and enter your number using the form below. The first three numbers that come up, in the sequence that I’ve already generated, will receive a copy of ‘A LITTLE HISTORY’.  Please include your contact info so that I can notify the winners.   At that time, I will ask for your mailing address.  The publishers will send the copy directly to you.

Update: The contest closed as of midnight, Sept 12, 2014. The winning numbers: 100 – 21 – 53. Winners have been notified. Thanks to everyone who participated! I wish we had copies for all of you. It was fun hosting.

All my best, Morgan

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One thought on “A Little History: Photographs of Nick Cave & Cohorts 1981-2013 by Bleddyn Butcher

  1. Sept 13 update: WINNING NUMBERS: 100, 21, 53. Congrats to the winners. I’ve sent emails to each of you.

    ENTRY NUMBERS ALREADY TAKEN, in order received:

    36, 34, 12, 17, 43, 82, 32, 56, 19, 33, 23, 11, 3, 39, 74, 50, 85, 47, 37, 79, 24,
    30, 45, 100, 66, 76, 99, 89, 42, 9, 21, 53, 41, 7, 86, 88

    If you don’t see your name alongside the number you picked, someone else got it first. Please choose another number and resubmit the form. All entries are date-stamped by WordPress. 🙂

    Andrew M – 36
    Andrej – 34
    James B – 12
    Erin – 17
    Branko – 43
    Joseip – 82
    Guitar Mutt – 32
    Suzanne T- 56
    Salvatore – 19
    Sam (Becky) – 33
    Fontaine – 23
    Samantha M. – 11
    Damon – 3
    Jonathan B – 39
    Sara S – 74
    Kim Y – 50
    Natasha – 85
    Susan W – 47
    Dave A – 37
    Armand C – 79
    Sammy – 24
    Alison B – 30
    Louise M – 45
    Debra – 100
    Jane S – 66
    Trudy M – 76
    Alex S – 99
    Anne U -89
    Leesa B- 42
    Clare H – 9
    Penn – 21
    Daniela – 53
    Michael – 41
    Simon W – 7
    Christos A – 86
    Carl P – 88

    [Updated Sept 12, 2014]

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