Gala Premiere of 20,000 Days on Earth @ Barbican


My friends and I got very lucky and managed to buy tickets to the Gala Premiere (doesn’t that sound fancy?) of 20,000 Days on Earth at the Barbican in London. So on Wednesday evening we headed over there, very eager to finally see the movie we have had heard so much about since the Camden Koko show.

Unfortunately we missed the Red Carpet as our stomachs had to come first but thank you to Simone Van Lier for sharing a couple of her pictures. Nick Cave and his wife Susie Bick,  directors Jane Pollard and Ian Forsyth were in attendance as well as Barry Adamson, Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos, George Vjestica and celebrities like Ray Winstone, John Hurt, etc




The Barbican is a really beautiful venue and I was treated to a seat in the center with a perfect view of the “interview couches” as well as Nick’s piano. The movie started at 7:15pm. I think there are enough reviews by now, but as a fan I couldn’t have been happier with the result. I don’t have the feeling that I have learned something new about Nick Cave and his creative process, but the movie is incredibly moving, inspiring and there are some absolutely hilarious scenes. I do hope Jane and Ian will be able to one day release the full concerts they have filmed for the movie because they’ve managed to perfectly capture the atmosphere of a Bad Seeds show. They should do all their live dvds now! It was so overwhelming to see on a big screen that I had to stop myself from clapping at the end of the live performance. It’s also beautiful to see the many familiar faces of long time fans being captured on screen and the pure joy they are experiencing. It really felt to me like the movie was made with the fans in mind, but that might also have to be because Ian and Jane are fans themselves.

All pictures from this point are from me. Feel free to take them, share them, print them,… I don’t care! Also if you want higher resolution they are availble in my Flickr account. Just click on any picture to access it.



The movie was incredibly well-received and they were quite a few teary people around me. Once it was over we waited a bit and then Jane and Ian came out to be interviewed.


They were soon joined by Nick Cave…





And Warren Ellis and Barry Adamson…



Ray Winstone also answered a couple of questions.



The Q&A, well it was more an interview, was a bit of a mess I think… Similar questions to what has been asked before, not many from Twitter and nobody came into the audience to take our questions so that was a bit strange. After a couple of questions, Nick & co were asked to perform then come back to the couches which I think was a bit annoying, and it was obvious Nick was enjoying playing much more than answering questions. When he was allowed to stay at his piano he replied: “Thank God for that!” We feel you, Nick. We really do!



They also held a giveaway. The best tweet of the night would win one of Nick’s typewriters. It went to someone who asked if they could write the script and do the soundtrack of the next James Bond movie.

The setlist:

Weeping Song
No More Shall We Part
Ship Song
God Is In The House
Into My Arms

Video of Ship Song.

A bit short (as expected though) but personally I am very happy to have finally heard No More Shall We Part live, and the stripped down version of Mermaids is just mindblowing.

We were also treated to two hilarious outtakes which have now made their way online:

Nick Cave & Ray Winstones arguing about Fish and Chips.

Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue having a hilarious conversation about a dog.

After the show, there was of course a VIP party in the Barbican. Unfortunately we were not important enough 😉 to be invited but we all sat down right outside the red rope and did a bit of celebrity spotting. Nick was really busy so none of us really tried to bother him to get pictures/autographs. Warren Ellis talked with quite a few people who couldn’t get it, so we thought it was now or never and had our pictures taken with him. Such a nice man! We also saw Shane McGowan exiting the party. Yours truly also got the nerves to ask Benedict Cumberbacth for a picture because as Nick said in the movie:” It’s better to act on a bad idea, than not to act at all!” See the movie has already changed my life!

All in all it was an absolutely incredibly evening and I am really happy to have been a part of it. Inspiring movie, great performance and most of all many new beautiful memories made with other NCATBS fans which I am so grateful to have met them through our shared love of the band.

5 thoughts on “Gala Premiere of 20,000 Days on Earth @ Barbican

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  2. Valerie, thank you thank you thank you for the write-up of your fabulous evening at Barbican. The pictures are wonderful. (I love the one of Nick smiling, with Warren and Barry!) What posh seats! Lucky lady! Congrats, glad you got to experience it.

    I can’t wait to see the film!! (The concert footage alone sounds fantastic! I too, wish they would release it all on DVD.) I wasn’t able to attend the New York premiere of 20,000 Days. My sister’s been visiting from Florida all this month and last weekend was my father’s 85th birthday. Hopefully, it will come up my way in provincial Connecticut.

    Big hugs, and thanks again for sharing it all with us.

    [Waves to Anna. ‘Hi’ to Rakel and Anne.]


  3. Great review thank you 🙂 Also for the link to the stream from New York. I am really not a huge fan of most of those piano versions and Q&A in general but that movie is just wonderful and I like the way Nick talks in New York, its very sweet and he pulls a lot of funny faces 😀

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