AUSTIN CITY LIMITS – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds adds dark power to Season 40 (links to download the concert in comments)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ©KLRU photo by Scott Newton

AUSTIN CITY LIMITS – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is streaming on PBS.
Available through 11/29/14.


Jubilee Street
Red Right Hand
From Her to Eternity
Love Letter
God is in the House
The Mercy Seat
Push the Sky Away

Nick Cave -vocals, piano
Warren Ellis – violin, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Conway Savage – keyboard, vocals
Martyn P. Casey – bass, vocals
Barry Adamson – drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals
Jim Sclavunos – drums, percussion, vocals
George Vjestica – guitar, vocals

13 thoughts on “AUSTIN CITY LIMITS – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

  1. hi all – so I sent it to Valerie – she mentioned there could be more takers. This is a 1080i HD version from some russian tracker rather than dime; I compared both – the spectrals on this guy are as good as dime, but it comes in 1 piece without the last minute of credits clipped out into a separate stream (not sure while dime uploader captured it this way).

  2. Wow! I loved that so much! It’s so amazing to think that the folks who watch PBS got to be treated to this. I bet he has gained new fans as a result of this exposure.

    I think I created a new fan last week when I showed a musician friend the God Is In The House DVD. He said he really wants to see them next time they come to town.

    Thank you for sharing this link!

  3. I was just about to post this but you beat me to it, Morgan! lol I have downloaded the video from Dime. I don’t know if people are interested but I can reupload it somewhere else, for those of you who can’t download torrents.

  4. Thank you 🙂

    Jubilee Street and Tupelo are very powerful up to hysteric, amazing to watch. I forgot to breathe during The Mercy Seat so I guess that was an especially good one. I like it when he is on his own during that.

    Lovely take of Push The Sky Away, he clearly has the prettiest eyes in Rock and Roll. Also a very beautiful moment when he touches the hand of the blonde lady up front.

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