Happy Holidays (Bootleg gift inside!)

Nick Cave Fixes would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. 2014 has been an exciting year for Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Some of the highlights were the release of the fantastic 20,000 Days on Earth, an amazing North American tour, Nick Cave’s first opera “Shellshock” and a solo tour of Australia & New Zealand which saw Nick resurrect Up Jumped the Devil!

As an early Christmas gift, here is a throwback to this Summer: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at Prospect Park July 26th 2014 – NY (full concert – Mega link – Please comment if you missed it and want a reupload).

As always most of my bootlegs comes from Dime. Please respect the work of the tapers. Keep the files as you have downloaded them (no reencoding) with the text file containing all the info. And most of all: DO NOT RESELL THEM.

Wait there is more! Thank you to Debra who tooks those pictures and filmed those videos on December 17th at the Melbourne show.

Some videos:


We hope that you have enjoyed the blog this year and hope to see you back in 2015!



10 thoughts on “Happy Holidays (Bootleg gift inside!)

  1. apologising for the bad filming at the melbourne show. my arm was aching holding the camera up above peoples heads. camera also couldn’t cope with the intensity of the sound either……..but lucky i could. xx

  2. Darling – is this my tape? 😉 if it is – I need to put a long disclaimer! I really wasn’t even planning to be at the gig, did not even buy a ticket… I got home at 2:30AM the night prior from Philly show, and I somehow ended up in Brooklyn – half-unconscious – thinking ‘I’ll stay back and just tape quietly’… By some weird force I was pulled in to be 3rd row of pit right in front of Nick’s stage-right ‘diving platforms’ with people hitting me on the head and screaming like crazy…. so the insanity of the situation is quite accurately captured. Wasn’t a part of the plan:) we can talk more about forces at work…..

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