A Nixa Valentine Smooch

NIxa look-alikes Alexander Scheer and Marc Hosemann smooch in a sleazy neon-lit flamingo lounge.  Even their movie alter egos are in love with each other.  Life is full of wonderful surprises.  Thank you Oskar Roehler!  Tod den Hippies – Es Lebe der Punk! VIEW ON FACEBOOK

Via Blixa Bargeld Daily on Tumblr


2 thoughts on “A Nixa Valentine Smooch

  1. Read the book within 4 hours last night. Pity I cannot recommend it cause it is German. The book is hardcore. I loved it. There is a wonderful scene where he describes his character (and since it is partly autobiographical I guess himself) seeing Blixa playing SO36 and people throw things at Blixa and all that well-known procedere…but he is totally blown away by the performance and out of it afterwards and asks himself “Where the fuck do people go after they have seen Blixa Bargeld?”. It is really powerful how he manages to describe that feeling and I can totally relate to it. There is not that much content about Blixa and Nick, but the book to me paints such a vivid portrait of the city and the madness all captured in the small world of a disturbed young man who flew there. I would translate that book if I would have the time or somebody paying my rent for the time of working 😀 It is so ugly and beautiful.

  2. Alexander. AGAIN! 😀 Just the most amazing actor in this damn country 🙂 Oskar Roehler wrote a book about his time in 80s Berlin as well. “Mein Leben als Affenarsch”. Lovely 😀

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