The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave #thesickbagsong

Just when you thought it’d be all quiet on the news front before the European tour, Nick Cave drops a new book on us: The Sick Bag Song. The inspiration for this very original project started during the 2014 American tour when Nick Cave started scribbling on airlines sick bags. The result is a chronicle of this tour.


The book, published by Canongate (@canongatebooks) , will be available in two editions. The £30 one will include the book as well as digital downloads of the audiobook as the e-book. If you are feeling more spendy, have just won the lottery, or sold your soul 😉 the collector’s edition is made for you. Ten book per US city (where the Bad Seeds have performed) will be made and hand-customized by Nick Cave. It’ll truly be a real piece of art as the sick bag contained in this edition will be embelished with lyrics, notes and doodles. A very unique and original item for sure!

To promote the release of the book, Nick Cave will be doing three readings / Q&As in Los Angeles, New York and London. Tickets will be on sale on the March 23rd for the US dates, and March 26th for London.

Ian Forsyth and Jane Pollard have also created 5 unique videos that will be released over the coming weeks. You can already see the first one:

For more information and to order your book, be sure to check the official website: The Sick Bag Song. You can also use #thesickbagsong if plan to talk about it over social media.

And good luck to everybody (including me) who will try to get tickets to one of the readings!


5 thoughts on “The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave #thesickbagsong

  1. What a great trailer, but €750 for the very limited edition? I saw them in San Francisco; amazing, but no, too much! Just wow! I will get the unlimited version with audio and thank you, thank you so much! I still think that will be a treat, and there was a bit of Ellis in the background of the audio trailer.

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