Sick Bag Song Reading in London Review + Audio / Video Goodies

It was completely unreasonable considering the European tour is coming up but I still had to travel for The Sick Bag Song reading in London. After all London is only a Eurostar away! I had tried to stay as “spoiler free” as possible and thus not reading too much about the Los Angeles and New York events. Not an easy task when you have to update this blog! Anyway the reading was taking place in the beautiful Porchester Hall. Instead of a regular theatre/venue setup we were treated to big round tables which, I think, gave a completely different atmosphere to the event.  It was also a great way for fans to be able to sit together and have a drink which you have to admit is always a great part of these events. It felt very festive and much more intimate that way.

Craig McLean (you might remember him from this interview) introduced Nick Cave in a pretty amusing way. We were then treated to the preview film made by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, followed by Nick Cave walking on stage reading a passage of the book. The first part of the evening consisted of Craig interviewing Nick, as well as other chapters being read and the New York short video being shown.








During the second part, Craig left and Nick Cave took center stage to answer questions from the audience. I found him very relaxed and his sense of humour really showed when he answered the sillier questions. I mean how many times can you ask him about his haircolour without him shutting you down? Well a lot apparently! I won’t go into too much details because the wonderful Simone was able to record the event.

The audio is in two parts: InterviewQ&A (Mega links). Much better to listen to Nick than me rambling on and on and on!

Simone also recorded some short videos. She is a gem!




The evening ended with Nick reading the story of the dragon which is probably my favourite part of the book. There is just something very special and inspiring about these lines. It felt, to me, as if he was ending the evening with a bedtime story for his children.

Everything is happening and has happened and will happen again. Everything that exists has always existed and will continue to exist. Memory is imagined; it’s not real. Don’t be ashamed of its need to create; it’s the loveliest part of your heart. Myth is the true history. Don’t let them tell you that there are no monsters. Don’t let them make you feel stupid, just because you are happy to play down in the dark with your flashlight. The mystical world depends on you and your tolerance for the absurd. Be strong, my darling ones, and believe!

I was never able to go to the Bunny Munro readings and I have to say I was completely amazed at how captivating he is while reading. He controls the audience just as much as when he is singing. We were definitely hanging to his every words. I think that if you are having trouble getting into this particular book, listening to the audiobook might give you an other perspective and appreciate it even more. He really makes the story come to life.

A big thank you to everybody involved with this event, it truly was a fantastic evening.

If you want to see more pictures, I have created a Flickr album.


7 thoughts on “Sick Bag Song Reading in London Review + Audio / Video Goodies

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  2. Ah Push The Sky Away was the most beautiful cheesy song he ever wrote maybe 😉 I agree with you.

    Yes you say it and we might listen much more carefully than his actual children. I mean, my Dad is a very smart man as well, but I surely do not think about his words as long as about Nick’s sometimes. 😀

    The videos are great, was not able to see all but I did not expect to be able to see/read/listen so much from the event. I am very thankful ladies!

    • Exactly. 🙂 I have always found it very simple and yet very touching at the same time. It means a lot to me that’s why I actually chosed it at my first (and probably only) tattoo. 😉

      Who knows what the future hold for him? Maybe a children’s book like Madonna did! lol 😉 I am sure he could come up with an amazing story.

      • That’s cool! I got a quite big tattoo a few days after I first got enough nerves to meet him years ago, it is not Nick Cave related in itself but its meaning has also to do with being brave and now kind of reminds me of that as well of course.

        I agree he could totally do a children’s book, it would make children cry maybe but it would be a fantastic one.

  3. Thank you Valerie and Simone! I hoped for you telling a bit about his Europe reading! Full audio! AMAZING! Thank you so much!

    His children somewhen might feel a little too old for hearing bedtime stories by their dad, but in his case they sure should let him do it until they move out. Great the dragon part was read for you, lucky ones! 😀 The best part for me is him taking the dragon with him and describing what she looks like. Even better maybe than the philosophic lines cause the metaphor carries so much.

    I felt it was so easy to get into his book, I was not even calm enough to listen to the audio first cause I wanted to see the lines with my own eyes, but that depends on the way people consume. I think as a fan it is difficult to say how the book comes across for people who are not so much into Nick Cave, but I am always curious about it.

    Nick is looking good!

    • You’re welcome! 🙂

      In this case what I was trying to say is that the audience = his children. He read more about the dragon and that included the description but I didn’t want to write everything. It’s those last couple of lines that really touched me. It’s a bit like the lines: “It’s only rock and roll but it gets down to your soul.” A bit corny for some but it couldn’t be more true. I feel the same about the dragon part.

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