Sick Bag Song Reading in New York Review + Audio / Video Goodies

Review by guest writer inez.

Full audio of the reading can be found at the end of this post.

So I am going to thank VALERIE and her commitment to keep the updates running, that I actually decided to write a few lines in a way slightly more comprehensible than ‘OMFG, it was AMAZING!!!’ which I diligently emailed to a bunch of my friends the same night.


The venue for the NYC reading was the same place called Florence Gould Hall that had hosted the prescreening of “20,000 days on Earth” followed by Nick’s piano set back on August 6th 2014 (those who missed my tape of that piano set can collect it on dime – or elsewhere). It’s a cute little venue with a layout of a smallish movie theatre.

I had a pretty vague idea of what the format was going to be exactly – I read the review of the event in LA 2 days prior, and it sounded like a bit of a mess, with various technical glitches and stuff…  So I stupidly decided against bringing any serious recording devices.

Now, the event was glorious. I think Nick was in an awesome mood, the conversation went on and on, touching on a wide range of subjects… It was funny, and touching, and serious all at the same time. I admit that the part WITH the host Hari Kunzru was least interesting to me, because many of the questions have in fact been asked and answered before in various interviews – so there is only so many answers and in so many variations that one can come up with to the same damn question. The readings were stunning. And the QnA – normally, I am not a fan of these, – those were awesomely hilarious.

with host

And we’ve heard really sweet things about Rowland Howard… Hilarious bits about not being able to stand Jack Kerouac. Interesting comparisons and juxtapositions of American vs. European audiences (I don’t think that the British host was particularly pleased, haha). And more… And it was all very relaxed, sort of, informal – the ping-pong of those questions and answers, they were funny and engaging and chill. I have heard the tape of the London event now – thanks to Valerie and her friend! – and really the vibe seems so completely different. Which is interesting all and in itself. NYC audience has something to do with that (our host commented on the ‘New York crowd’) – but just among the first dozen people in queue, we have had Montreal QC through Washington DC ‘Northeast and Midatlantic corridor’ covered geographically, so it’s not just that.

A few ‘lines of the evening’ to me:

On not picking and choosing subjects to write about -“I’ve given up writing songs just to piss people off…”

On Florence Gould Hall -“I’ve been here before?? I fucking knew it!!”

On the upcoming tour – “It’s not The Bad Seeds though. It’s Nick Cave SOLO – except that it’s with the members of the Bad Seeds”

A woman in the audience: “I had a massive phobia of you, as a child…” – Nick: “Me too!!”

On ‘Sheep may safely graze’ and lyrics writing – “Blixa came over, put his arm around me and said: I think we can save the world from this one” (a famous story, but Nick still cracked up in the middle of it while doing Blixa accent)

A man in the audience: “Are you going to play live in your older age or…” – Nick: “I‘m already playing in my older age!…” I wish I could deliver Nick’s expression and body language in response to “…And you still look good, baby!” from the audience – but let’s just say it was a perfect wrap-up for the NYC QnA J !

Many thanks to Adina for recording the event!! You can read more on what was involved in bringing it to you and download it here (Sendspace) or here (Mega).



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