European Tour: London – Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall – London / UK – May 3rd, 2015


Another day, another concert. This time in the beautiful Royal Albert Hall. As you will probably see from my pictures, I had an interesting seat on the right side of the stage but which was also in it’s “continuity”. To be honest I wasn’t pleased at first as I got to see Nick’s back 80% of the time but I warmed up to it and eventually it gave me the opportunity to see it from another perspective and to focus more on Thomas, Marty and Larry.


The setlist didn’t differ much from the previous night but I thought the atmosphere was different as everybody stayed seated. Instead of the audience looking to interact with Nick Cave, he was the one looking for some contact. Jumping off the stage and walking in the aisles a couple of times much to the despair of the tech guy. There was also a funny moment where two women and a guy were taken on stage only to be kinda forgotten there while Nick was singing. They got a group hug as soon as he went back to them which was really sweet moment.

Again if you want to (re)live this moment, you can buy the recording over here. I personally bought the mp3s and I can garantee you that the sound is absolutely fantastic and crisp.

Update: The site has stopped selling the official live recording. You might still find in on eBay.




Water’s Edge
The Weeping Song
Red Right Hand
Brompton Oratory
Higgs Boson Blues
The Ship Song
From Her to Eternity
STranger Than Kindness
Love Letter
Into My Arms
West Country Girl
Black Hair
the Mercy Seat
Jubilee Street


And No More Shall We Part
Jack The Ripper
Up Jumped The Devil
The Lyre Of Orpheus

Encore 2

Push the Sky Away

As usual you can find all my pictures in high resolution on Flickr. Also check out Inez’s as they are from the front of the stage. And she recorded some lovely videos.



During this tour, I have met quite a few fans and among them is Lucy. She wrote a wonderful review on her Facebook page and I thought it’d be a shame not to share it with more people so here it is.

Review from Lucy Beth – West Midlands Girl

I attended mass at Brompton Oratory in the morning, and was overtaken as soon as on the steps. A song of sinners was written in the pews.

I arrived at the RHA stage door just after 1pm, and spent the afternoon waiting (just in case), chatting to crew, venue staff and other fans, and wandering the venue when not really allowed.
Heard some fantastic and hilarious stories from someone who has worked on recordings with him for many years, apparently there’s a wealthy back catalogue which has never been released.
Managed to hear them sound check Tupelo, Stranger than Kindness and Nobody’s Baby Now.

I was given a back up seat due to health problems, with much thanks to the venue and their excellent staff.
I was concerned about being so far away from the stage in the venue. But (even with my poor eyesight!) I didn’t really need to worry that much it turned out..

As soon as they came out, something changed in the air, and it was clear in the opening notes, they were going to own the night, and they did in every sense.

The acoustics and sound were perfection, as was the performance.
The music seemed to build a bubble – inside the body so the bass rumbled in my stomach and piano hammered on my heart, Warren’s strings going straight for the throat.
As the show progressed the bubble grew, until by Jubilee Street it had not just encapsulated the entire space, but elevated it, seemingly removing it from any earthly connection.
Hell and heaven existed in there alongside and intertwined, and we were given a tour of it all.

I’m not sure of time or track scale, but very soon on in the show (first couple of songs!) I realised I had tears dripping down my face, and breath was often being forgotten.

I was too far back to see his expression, but what I could clearly see, was how young he looked. He seemed to have turned time back 20-30 years for himself, but then I saw time didn’t matter in this world he had just created, and if it did, it was on his terms.
He passed any barrier of self. He became not just a narrator of the tales he told, but every character within them and everything that has ever inspired them. He was the devil and the demon, the angel and the saint, the most intimate of lovers, the sorrowful outsider. This staggering or sauntering overwhelming figure. The perfect and most powerful preacher.
Somehow knowing every bit of everyone’s souls and singing it back to them from his own.

Warren blew everything open.
The sound he created was an overtaking character in itself, pushing particles apart.

The relationship between the band members was tangible, working as a well oiled unit but each member managing to keep every ounce of their own personality.
A discreet nod or cock of an eyebrow more than they need to communicate what they need to do.
And a wonderful sense of not just close working talented musicians, but friendships.

Typical classic tracks were born new again. Tupelo was wracking, The Weeping Song was wrecking. Newer songs were like classics. Higgs Boson Blues carried more soul than a lifetime, and Jubilee Street gave visions.

At the break before encore I ran around to the other seat I had been given, nearer the stage to the left side.
Now I could see the grins and grimaces Nick flashed, and Warren’s coy bearded smile.

Nothing was lost in the short break, and yet again, he became everything.
Avalanche was heart melting, Up Jumped the Devil dark but playful, Jack the Ripper stalking and sultry, Breathless was pure joy, Lyre of Orpheus was like a communion.

Push the Sky Away always has an immense affect on me. But this time to another level.
The silent weep I had sustained through most the show gave way to a sob and finding my lips begging them not to go.

I waited again at the end, but they again left quietly and privately.

Last night he was that godly figure he has talked of trying to be.
He transcended.

Now I travel back to my daily life, saddened to do so, but inspired, and so so grateful, that I got to bear witness.

“Some people say it’s just rock’n’roll, but it gets right down to your soul..”


6 thoughts on “European Tour: London – Royal Albert Hall

  1. Your photos are amazing Val! I’d like to ask you what kind of camera do you use? I would imagine cameras are forbidden at the shows, I mean REAL cameras not smartphones and these little ones. My boyfriend and I have a quite nice one for travels with good focus and zoom and I think my seat in Copenhagen could be good to do some nice ones for the blog as long as people are still seated. But its a big cam of course and I guess they will not let me in with that. So I just thought before I give up already I ask you how you do these great pics πŸ˜‰ I would risk being a thorn in the eye of Nick Cave for making pics, but I don’t want them to take my cam away haha πŸ˜€

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ My camera fits in my hand. It’s a small one but with a very powerful zoom. I also brought it to NY last year and it makes amazing pictures of basically everything. It’s the Canon PowerShot SX700 HS. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more info.

      • Ah that is a great cam!! Especially for concerts. I have to get my hands on something like that once I am less broke after the tour πŸ˜‰

        Maybe I take my little camcorder and see what I can get and how it all goes in Denmark.

  2. Haha – well, not everyone was seated πŸ™‚ I loved all the action in our rebellious corner! glad all the links are working nicely and everything!

  3. I want to buy only one of the live CD or mp3 of one of these London concerts, as the setlists are virtually the same can anyone advise as to which was the best recorded or as to which was the best sounding gig?

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