European Tour: Paris


Le Grand Rex – Paris/France – May 18th, 2015

Well Paris was my 7th and last show of this incredible tour and it definitely was a great one! Le Grand Rex is a venue that is mostly used a cinema so the front row where, like in Den Haag, pretty far from the stage which was almost as high as your average sized person. Security was a bit annoying but as soon as the concert started many people immediately rushed to the stage and in a way this concert felt more like a “normal” standing concert as Nick leaned a couple of times in the audience. I have to say one thing though, there was a lot of filming (is that a French thing? lol) and it really annoyed me at one point. I always try to be really quick and make sure I am not bothering anybody when I take pictures but a woman filmed Push the Sky Away with her phone basically in my face and I found it highly distracting. It’s the perfect song to end the concert and there is such a magical atmosphere during it. So that was a bit ruined for me. I was this close to swat the phone of her hand. lol I understand the irony as I link many videos on this blog but if you do it, make sure you don’t bother people! But yeah I had to rant a little about that!

Otherwise the concert was fantastic despite some technical issues which were made fun of. Some funny banter from the crowd too… Nick: This is Black Hair. Woman: Like Yours! Woman; You are the next Elvis! Man: Your songs feed my soul (or something along those lines). All very well received with a chuckle or a smile.

As you can see the setlist stayed pretty much the same but I am really happy that Avalanche was brought back as well as Watching Alice (by request).

This is the end of the tour for me but I will keep you updated with Spain and Moscow next week. In any case it was an incredible month. I really enjoyed the songs performed on this tour. Even the classic ones got a whole new makeover and sounded completely fresh. And of course we will never forget the return of Up Jumped the Devill! I can’t wait to see what Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds have in store for us… but first some time off because they really deserve it! 🙂



Water’s Edge
The Weeping Song
Red Right Hand
Brompton Oratory
Higgs Boson Blues
The Ship Song
From Her to Eternity
Stranger Than Kindness
Love Letter
Into My Arms
West Country Girl
Black Hair
the Mercy Seat
Jubilee Street


People Ain’t No Good
We No Who U R
Up Jumped the Devil
Watching Alice
Jack The Ripper
Push The Sky Away




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