European Tour – Moscow – Audio Bootleg

Crocus City Hall – Moscow / Russia – May 25th, 2015 

Update December 11th 015 – Full audio bootleg of the show. Thank you to everybody involved for making this happen.

It is available on Mega.  As usual please respect the work of the tapers. Always share the files as you have downloaded them and do not sell them. Convert to mp3s for your personal use.


Water’s Edge
The Weeping Song
Red Right Hand
Higgs Boson Blues
The Ship Song
From Her to Eternity
Stranger Than Kindness
Love Letter
Into My Arms
West Country Girl
Black Hair
the Mercy Seat
Jubilee Street


Up Jumped the Devil
People Ain’t No Good
God is in the House
Jack the Ripper
Push the Sky Away

Fan review:

From Liza Elagina (Facebook).

Thought I should write something about the show in Moscow last night. I didn’t take pictures but everybody else did, so there will be plenty of them anyway.

Nick looked very happy and content through the whole set. To me he didn’t seem tired a bit. He was full of enthusiasm and energy. The band, quite in contrast to him, seemed rather weary. At some point Nick even commented on Tommy being “fucking lazy”.

After the third song EVERYBODY stood up, I don’t really understand the whole idea of “seated” concerts. The rows of seats were just in everybody’s way. Though Nick’s walk above the rows is majestic, of course.

The best moment of the night for me was From Her To Eternity. First, because it’s the best song in the world, second, because I never expected them to play it live again, so when I saw it in setlists of this tour I could not believe my own eyes. When Nick said, “This is a song from our first record” and then went “I want to tell you about a girl”, I felt my life was quite complete. Stranger Than Kindness had the best introduction of the night. “It’s a very old song but it’s… very old. But nice!”

I have to say that I prefer Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds to Nick Cave solo. As much as I love Nick Cave, I love him not for being a great piano player (which, of course, he is). So I really appreciated the moments when he actually stood up from his piano to join his worshippers. There weren’t TOO many of them which is a good thing, because I don’t know if my heart is strong enough to have endured more of that.

Nick was happy to engage in conversations with the audience and kindly laughed at all the ridiculous things shouted at him. Fortunately, he missed “Flowers is for Warren!” after receiving a bouquet of red roses.

Mercy Seat, my absolute favourite, went down quite quietly. I feel that it sounds a bit empty without Mick’s guitar intro, and this is the song where I feel his absence most. The song still sounded divine. At some point somebody even requested it again to which Nick, kind of offended, replied, “We’ve done Mercy Seat”.
Jubilee Street was ecstatic. It’s the song that made me fall in love with Nick Cave in the first place. Still – every time I hear I can’t believe anything that beautiful can exist. “The Russians moved in” got an expected cheer and laughter. 

Another thing about this tour that I am eternally grateful is Up Jumped The Devil. Most old bands have a “must-list” of songs that they absolutely have to play, so if you like a particular song from a particular album that doesn’t make their top 20, you will probably never hear it. But with The Bad Seeds basically being a band with no hits, Nick Cave is quite free to make rather unpredictable choices from his old songs. And I would say Up Jumped The Devil is a happy choice.

At some point somebody yelled “Where’s Barry?” – “Where’s Barry? He’s quit”. Then came the inevitable “Where’s Blixa?” – “Blixa’s quit. Mick has… quit. Conway… No, Conway’s still in. We’ll be here all night if we start recalling everyone who’s quit. Warren hasn’t quit. Martin’s here. Tommy’s still here.” It was the most gracious band introduction I ever heard and a beautiful moment.

Anyway, Nick didn’t seem to pay attention to empty seats in the stalls (though I had fears it might break his heart). He seemed very happy with those people who WERE there.



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