Nick Cave visits the charity organisation: Deti Pavolvska


At the time of the Moscow concerts I stumbled upon some cute pictures of Nick Cave with a group of kids from St Petersburg. I was a bit curious as their Instagram account (detipavlovska) was described as “an experimental project of social integration.”

I got in contact with them to find out more about it, and I received a wonderful email from their Founder and CEO Evgenia Shtill. She kindly explained to me their goals and sent me some pictures. I have also decided to only share the pictures that were already public on their Instagram as I think the other ones are wonderful but I think reflect a very special moment between Nick and these kids, and should remain somewhat private.

Anyway I thought it’d be a great idea to put them in the spotlight on this blog, and if you can, please consider making a donation. All the details can be found at the end of this post.

Deti Pavolvska (meaning kids of Pavlovsk) is a charity organization that take care of disabled kids (with down syndrome, autism, cerebral paralysis) who grew up in huge orphanages. The social system in USSR created these orphanages so that the parents could get rid of their kids as they were not seen as champions. It was the norm so to speak to not keep these children at home.

These orphanages are still open and the one in the town of Pavlovsk is the biggest one in Russia. They used to have a thousand kids living there. Now they are down to 400. The volunteers of the charity met the kids there years ago and decided to travel with them to the city, teach them how to read, count, paint, read, etc After a while they were faced with an even bigger problem. Once the kids had become adults, they had to move from the orphanage to a psycho-neurological internat which is basically a big hospital with no structure to improve their quality of life. That’s when they decided to create the foundation to support them.


They are currently taking care of 17 teenagers (18+) who are living in wards. They want to make them part of the society and live ordinary life as citizen. Of course their mission is incredibly difficult as these kids are prisoners of a social system that don’t allow them to go out. But Deti Pavolvska is not giving up and they are being successful.

They have an art studio based in one of the institution. The teenagers make fantastic artwork there. They can make whatever they want with their hands, and have the opportunity to sell their art. They also have teachers and psychologists who work with them to improve their intellectual level. Four of their kids have already managed to leave the institutions and are currently living alone in their own flat!


Their main issue now is to find money to renovate an old building in St Petersburg. The building needs works to be suited for their art studio, they also need art supplies etc That’s where, dear readers, you might be able to help them by making a donation. They are currently looking for €70000 so every cent counts.

Evgeniia would really be grateful “if people from the other side of the earth take care about the life of 17 unordinary adult kids who are able to do amazing art.”

This is their EURO account if you are able to make a donation.
Holder: Evgeniia Nekrasova
40817978201000123908 JSC Baltiyskiy Bank,
Moscow, Russia

I know this post is a little different from what you can read here, but it’s a wonderful charity and even if are not able to donate, I think it’s incredibly important to be aware of the situation.

You can also find them on Facebook.


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