Bootleg – Prospect Park – Brooklyn – July 26th, 2014

A year ago the North America tour was in full swing. If you remember, I’d decided to travel to NY to catch the concert there. It was an amazing trip, filled with great memories with friends and an exceptional concert. Unfortunately there is no bootleg of that specific concert but I thought I’d share again the next best thing: the Prospect Park concert. A show filled energy only like the Bad Seeds can deliver.

Bootleg: Prospect Park – July 26th, 2014 (Mega link)

As usual please respect the work of the taper. Only convert to mp3 for personal use.

P.S.: There is currently a Go Fund Me campaign in memory of Arthur Cave going around. Nick Cave Fixes is not associated with this campaign. Please be very careful if you plan to donate, do some research, contact the person who started the campaign,…

I personally believe that the family is now more than ever deserving of some privacy so think before you want to start something even if you probably mean well.

You can also easily support them by not sharing any article who have used personal pictures of Nick and Susie Cave during this tough time, as well as any gossipy article.

1 thought on “Bootleg – Prospect Park – Brooklyn – July 26th, 2014

  1. oh memories!! the taper wishes to apologize for the waves of crowd noise coming over like an ocean every time Nick gets to that side of the stage. But hey…. it’s BROOKLYN after all. THX, Val! I wish those pseudo-news outlets stopped their dirty job, but the least we can do indeed is NOT share their junk.

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