DVD release: B-Movie. Lust & Sound in West-Berlin

Back in February I was telling you about the “rockumentary” B-Movie. Lust & Sound in West-Berlin. The movie is now available on dvd through Amazon Germany.

The dvd is region free and comes with French subtitles (it is narrated in English).

Also if Arte is available in your country, the movie is being aired a couple more times. Check the website for the exact date/time. You can also stream it here (it takes a few seconds before it starts playing, be patient!)

On top of the dvd, there is also a super cool bundle available for €99 with the movie, tote bag, vinyls, soundtracks, etc A must have for any fans of this era.



5 thoughts on “DVD release: B-Movie. Lust & Sound in West-Berlin

  1. Sorry again, the movie is great. A great window into a time and place. History thru the eyes of a man: one of us, any of us. I’ve known so much death here now amongst the young, but here goes life against odds. I love history and life and hope. Beauty eh? Yeah!

  2. The movie is epic. When you’re into that decade and that particular ruined city, you MUST watch/buy it. I saw it in an empty old cinema in summer late at night. What a blast. Killer soundtrack.

    • Yes!!! It is beautiful! Insightful to the times. Mine were boring. I needed more. Something. Anything. Here I love vicariously. We live through history. Through living. Stand. Collapse, stand, fall, live, go on.

    • Sorry, but you’re beautiful for seeing understanding. For getting it. Most Americans don’t get me! San Francisco enclave. A blip on the screen. They are few. Getting smaller. Blixa and Erin left with their daughter back to Berlin.

      This really is a haven!

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