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  2. Nick and Mick have written pieces on David McComb for the recently published ‘Vagabond Holes : David McComb and the Triffids’, edited by Chris Coughran and Niall Lucy, Fremantle Press.

    • Thanks Edie for pointing me to this link – I emailed the photographer for permission to post but have not yet heard from him. There were so many good ones I would have loved to post them all but fair is fair. Just for you RSH fans, I’ll swap out two Nick photos and put in Rowland. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nick gets enough face time around here. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • YESSSSS. โค Rowland deserves more attention ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        You're welcome for the link. They are gorgeous aren't they?

  3. I posted “The weather diary” which is at the new homepage and which i tried to read. Studpidly i saw that that question was over a month ago too late…i put it on this first page again, because i am not sure if anybody finds it where i posted it:

    I make some question marks behind the words i am not sure about, so maybe somebody can correct it if his eyes see something else.

    โ€œWhite beard (?). The sky is a lovely pale blue and clouded and a warm sun is streaming through my window onto my desk as i write. Thats it. I`m off.

    10 September 2001

    2.00 pm This morning blue skies with some clouds and a chill in the air as i drive Luke to school, radio babbling and mega tons of stalled traffic. Went back to my bed. Later in office, hammered down/low (?) by things, but feeling better now. Huge cloud, like a giant baby on its back with a smashed in face sails past my window, warm sun on my desk.

    11 September
    12 September
    13 September
    14 September
    15 September
    16 September
    17 September


    Clear, pale blue sky, with small clouds, the air chilled, in the yard with my fag and cups of tea. Planes move overhead. The kids still throw there food around, usual hurt in the stomach, the leaking poisonos, anxiety. Droving to the office, the air cold, the sky cloudes over now and here, now, at my desk the sky is a stealy grey and ghost-planes cross the top right hand side of my window, shrouded in cloud. The tree that frames the left side of my window is whipped by the wind. The weather is getting interesting, cloud is interesting, wind is interesting, rain, thunder and lightening are interesting as i sit here at my desk, feeling nothing will ever be the same, feeling its all business as-usual.
    11.00(?) Wind savage now. Blasting down Lots Road and cold.
    11.15(?) Back out on the street, down to shop to buy lighter I forgot the first time (my brain, by the way, actually feels (underlined) numb). I move beyond the penumbra of the power-station the clouds part and warm sunlight pours down on me. The clouds themselves, now backlit, show their leaden bellies.

    15 September 2001

    7.30 am Drizzling grey rain from a grey sky and cold. Later at 11.am rain persists but as i drove to office becomes a light spit. Wind moves tree (word missing) outside my window, the leaves wet from interesting rain. The sky above seems uniform silver/grey but on closer inspection, cloud cover moves rapidly, violently. I wait for a plane to cross right hand corner of my window but see none. The planes last within the angry cloud.

    • Thanks for this Anna!
      All the little personal details are so charming ๐Ÿ™‚
      And “The weather is getting interesting, cloud is interesting, wind is interesting, rain, thunder and lightening are interesting” cracks me up.
      Interesting to see how he chronicled his emotional ups and downs as well.

  4. I found a picture posted on flickr while googling something…i forgot what i was searching for. It is by Nicholas O`Donnell and i love it, most of you sure have seen it, but maybe somebody not ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Against the wall

  5. NO WAVE โ€“ Underground 80: Berlin โ€“ New York
    Documentary, D 2009 (52 min.)
    Director: Christoph Dreher & Ellen El Malki
    Production: Kloos & Co. Medien for ZDF in Cooperation with ARTE
    TV-Broadcasting: ARTE, 13. August 2009 at 10:30 pm

    Bankruptcy as a catalyst for artistic potential: New York and the Western part of Berlin were economically run-down in the early Eighties. Against this backdrop, in both cities emerges an underground culture that radically breaks with the pop cultural tedium which the eraly 70s hat left behind. A wild and uncompromising scene of young artists working in film, music, painting and theatre trigger off a unique exchange between the subcultures in New York and Berlin and create one of the most inspired and excitign artistic movements of the late 20th century.

    As a member of the band DIE HAUT, filmmaker Christoph Dreher was at the centre of the No Wave scene. With the help of old friends and fellow artists like Jim Jarmusch, Blixa Bargeld, Alex Hacke, Lydia Lunch or Nick Cave he tells us the story of the motives, ideas and attitudes that shaped the scene from an insiderโ€™s point of view.



    *Cross posted from this thread

      • I am going to record it and of course i would share it if i find somebody who likes to tell me how to do that ๐Ÿ˜€

        • That’s kind of you, Anna. If you email me I will explain how you can share it. admin(at)nickcavefixes.com

          I know one other person who’s going to try and another who I have not yet asked because he’s busy. Let’s see what we can do.

          Tx! Morgan

          • Ok seen it and its a really great documentation.

            I`ll send you a e-mail. But great that you have already organised people to record it.

            Does anybody here know where i can get this “Straight to you docu by Nanni Jacobsen”? They showed exerpts and they were so great, i really, really want to see the whole thing.

          • I think in about 6 hours its going to be online ๐Ÿ˜€

            I found some help by morgan and my brother who is really good in computerstuff. He is doing it at the moment, but it needs some time to make it smaller with DivX…so that i can upload it when that is finished.

  6. Apparently, The Death Of Bunny Munro will have its very own app for iphones.


    Nick Cave to release enhanced e-book
    Singer’s novel to break new ground

    Nick Cave has always been a pioneering and groundbreakingly original musician, but not content with changing the landscape of music, he is now aiming to change the way we read books. His novel, “The Death Of Bunny Munro”, is set to be released as an application for the iPhone that includes enhancements that will change the experience of reading the story.

    The novel is concerned with a sex maniac travelling salesman taking his last trip, and is presented as an ongoing vertical scroll with Cave’s voice synched in so run with the text as an audiobook as well as visually. So the experience is aimed to produce a sensory balance of being half a book to read and half a story to listen to. On top of this Cave has composed a soundtrack to the book, alongside long time collaborator and member of The Bad Seeds, Warren Ellis.

    It is yet to be seen if this experience will provide a sensory overload for the reader or serve to provide a unique experience which enhances the story.

    • Brilliant, thanks, Callahan.

      I would credit Jamie Byng with the vision and the intention to ‘change the way we read books’ not Nick Cave. However, Byng could not have chosen a better author/partner for this brave new adventure.

      Nick Cave’s talent is like rocket fuel, providing the energy and thrust required to launch Byng’s idea beyond the stratosphere and into orbit. Together, they are making publishing history. Beyond exciting!


    Any True Blood fans out there? Tonight’s episode rocked! A major cliffhanger. If you haven’t been bit by True Blood, here’s the Season I synopsis, and the 2nd Season Trailer. Let the blood flow, mah babies. Aaaaaah.

    Stephen Moyer answers questions. Bill and Sookie are a real-life item. Applause for verisimilitude. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • we haven’t got season 2 here yet morgan. i am currently reading the 2nd book in the series. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Deb, I am so hooked. Haven’t read the books yet. Some of the vids on YouTube have major spoilers. Some point to the plot differences b/w books and tv series.

        It’s getting really interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Australian Nick Cave fans should check out the latest issue of ‘The Monthly’ with our man on the cover. Mark Mordue’s review of Bunny in the Australian Literary Review is also worth a look.

    • re “the monthly” article. they have made a major eff up. they have used a pic of chicago based artist nick cave’s sound suits with no correaltion to the article, or to “our nicky”.

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