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  1. Nick in the remastered Tender Prey booklet, ‘I rememember Anita Lane saying this particular record was ‘a cry for help’. A cry for help? I didn’t know what she was talking about’.

    Nick interviewed by Nick Kent in ‘The Face’ 1988, ‘I’ll have to listen to it again, but at the time of the recording, it seemed to me like one long cry for help’.

  2. A pair of clips from the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds ‘Let Love In’ tour. This show is at London, Shepherd’s Bush, where the band played three gigs between 19-21 May 1994. Tx to StinkyBohoon. 😉

    Jangling Jack – Live @ Bush Empire, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

    Red Right Hand – Live @ Bush Empire, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

  3. Nick Cave Red Right Hand Melbourne 2005 (Russell Crowe intro)
    The Australian Film Institute Awards. Regent Theatre, Melbourne, Australia, 2005.

    Haven’t seen this one in a while. 🙂

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    • Finally I see that! I heard something about it when Henry Rollins posted about doing the interview for it ages ago. . .I think it’ll be a bit surreal in the context of his death. Though, Lydia Lunch remains one of the most pretentious people ever, ugh.

      • why must henry rollins appear in every single punk related documentary?
        that aside, this looks great…

        • Maybe she wouldn’t annoy me so much if I didn’t loathe the sound of her voice. The only song it works for me in is Thirsty Animal (which is not-exactly-pleasant on the ears to begin with). Well that and the first time I ever heard of her, it was reading that little. . .memory?. . .she wrote about Nick Cave, and I was scarred, maybe. I was like fourteen, and I looked at Nick’s huge hands, made a biiiig frowny face, and crossed my legs. And Lydia Lunch shall forever suffer that poor first impression. Which is rather sexist now that I think about it, since it didn’t turn me off Nick Cave at all. Ah well. I’m a shitty progressive.

    • Oh I saw that trailer a week ago i think. Its great, hopefully i will have the chance to see the whole documentary.

  4. Retro-Vid Friday:

    Nick Cave & The Cavemen – Mutiny In Heaven
    Venue: Electric Ballroom, London (12 Apr 1984)
    Broadcast on ‘La Edad de Oro’
    Lineup: Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld, Mick Harvey, Barry Adamson, Hugo Race

    Watch entire show on kigonjiro’s playlist

    Documentary clips – in case you missed them:

    Mick Harvey playing “Your Funeral My Trial” and “Knocking On Joe” on piano + interview (from the documentary “Stranger in a Strange Land” – 1987)

    Tx to Caro8680

    Nick Cave – Straight to you documentary (excerpt early years)

    Nick Cave – The Singer (live on ‘The Tube’) (14 Nov 1986)

    Tx to jokkaopa6

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