BULLETIN BOARD ARCHIVE VI – April 2011 through Dec 2014

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83 thoughts on “BULLETIN BOARD VI

  1. shot in the dark…would anybody know the name of the African tracks that were played just before Nick came in stage last night in Amsterdam (17/11/13) ? Very minimal, with just vocals and some sort of african drum.

  2. Nick Launay discussing the making of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album Push The Sky Away


    “I had to be really on the ball, with no space for distractions, no picking up of cell phones or anything. It was a matter of being on all the time. Warren may start playing one instrument, and then halfway decide to pick up another one, and the very first thing he plays on this second instrument may be the bit that we need. So I have to set things up in such a way that no matter what he plays and when he plays, it’s going to sound great. It was the same with everyone else. Also, the Bad Seeds are the band with the greatest dynamic range that I have ever worked with, going from a whisper to extremely loud, and this meant that I had compressors on all microphones, for most of the time just ticking over and not doing anything, but just to make sure that if they were playing really loud, things wouldn’t be overloading in an unusable.”

  3. In case you missed these:

    Mick Harvey – Fireside Chat (RBMA Radio)

    “The erstwhile Bad Seed looks back on more than four decades of working with people from Nick Cave to PJ Harvey. From here to eternity!”


    Lydia Lunch – Fireside Chat (RBMA Radio)

    “The queen of no wave! Teenage Jesus & The Jerks member and New York’s primal screamer Lydia Lunch with an underground history lesson.”


  4. Simon Bonney recently posted on Crime and the City Solution’s FaceBook page that they are working on a new album which will be released next year. No news of any tour dates yet unfortunately to promote this year’s excellent album – American Twilight.

  5. Can anyone tell me where I can find “Wake up my lover”, “I do dear, I do” & “Farewell, so long, goodbye”?
    In the bootleg Call of the Caveman / The Boatman’s Call Outtakes this songs doesn’t sound good, and I think also don’t are full versions.
    Maybe on a bootleg called “Ultra rare tracks”? (I can’t find it in flac).
    Thanks for helping! & sorry for my english.
    Regards from Argentina!.

    • I agree! I loved the article. That freaky scene with Nick and Ray Winstone arguing about fish and chips. I can’t wait to see it.

      The film, called 20,000 Days on Earth, creates a collage of fictionalized (but mostly unscripted) scenes that are meant to add up to a day in the life of Cave. His 20,000th day, to be exact– an idea pulled from an unused line in Cave’s songwriting notebook. The scenes, according to The Guardian, have been described by Forsyth and Pollard “as kind of constructed real situations in which Nick can improvise.” He’s pictured writing in his office, going to a therapy session, eating with collaborator Warren Ellis and watching Scarface with his sons, among other things. He narrates throughout. (via Pitchfork)

      Official site: http://www.20000daysonearth.com/

  6. I’m still trying to track down the video for the Grinderman set from Coachella..I know a 1080p version is on DIME but i don’t have an account. If anybody can post the set or can link me to a download link, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Hi, In reply to nbvwes about Grinderman at Coachella – I know this was posted awhile ago, but if you’re still out there and want the show, I can share it with you via Dropbox. Send your email address using the form on the About page. using the form only takes a minute and it avoids spam. Cheers!

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