Rock: ‘the music of the aging’?

Sunday’s Guardian featured an article on the phenomenon of aging rockers. Paul McCartney is singled out as an artist who seems unwilling to write about what it’s like to be getting old. However, Grinderman is mentioned as a stand-out example of the opposite.

As all this happens themes of age and experience are finally entering the music. Grinderman, the project led by the Australian singer Nick Cave (54), was purposely created as an outlet for the angst of advancing years, as evidenced by the charmingly titled No Pussy Blues: “I changed the sheets on my bed / I combed the hairs across my head / I sucked in my gut / And still she said / That she just didn’t want to.”

I started thinking about the first Grinderman album and how much I admired its honesty.  This is what it feels like to be Nick Cave in his 50s.  He is no different from any other man (or woman) in feeling a horrified awareness and raging sorrow at the body’s inevitable decline.

My face is finished/My body’s gone
And I can’t help but think standin’ up here in all this applause
and gazin’ down at all the young and the beautiful.
With their questioning eyes.
That I must above all things love myself.

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“IT’S OVER” – Grinderman Call It Quits

Sunday Dec 11, 2011

Cave announced the group would be disbanding after a spectacular late night set at the Meredith Music Festival in rural Victoria on Saturday night (December 10). “That’s it for Grinderman,” he told the more than 12,000 festival-goers. “It’s over. See you in 10 years.” Via Messandnoise

Grinderman in Berlin: I’m just tryin´to re-laaaaxxx

Last night, Nick Cave and his Grindermen blistered the skin off Berlin’s ass.  Even the jaded denizens of Columbiahalle were howling along with the Wolfman and his band.  It was a spectacular show, more orgy than rock concert, and by the end of the evening  the crowd was well-lubricated with beer and bodily fluids.  Nick?  He was just tryin’ to re-lax…  Damn!

Review by Morgan Wolfe, copyright Nick Cave Fixes 2010.  All rights reserved.

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Grinderman in London; G2 debuts in Top 40

Grinderman @Garage, London 23rd September (encore)
By Whitetricyle

*Grinderman 2 Debuts In American Top 40! (Anti Blog 24 Sep 2010) That’s a first for Nick Cave.

NOTE: See comments for more live clips from London and Nottingham, 25 Sept 2010.

Grinderman 2 – Reviews & Press Blitz

Grinderman 2: Interviews, Articles & Reviews (just a sample of the G-man press blitz.  Keep an eye on  the Bulletin Board for more links  & goodie alerts)

Grinderman interview with singer Nick Cave and drummer Jim Sclavunos.
By Jordan Zivitz, Montreal Gazette September 10, 2010

Cave: Yeah, we certainly wanted to expand the possibilities of what we could do with our music. And now I really want to go in and do a Grinderman 3 record. Actually, what I really want to do now is do a new Bad Seeds record. But certainly, Grinderman now are an ongoing story.

Extremely informative interview. More discussion about the future line-up of The Bad Seeds:

Nick’s responses to various ex-Bad Seeds returning to the fold:
Ed Kuepper: “I’d be honoured if Ed would come in and play. ”
Blixa Bargeld: “I would quite happily have Blixa back if he wanted to come back.”
Mick Harvey: “I think it would be beneficial for everybody at this moment if Mick did something else.”

The finality of Mick Harvey’s departure is clear. Interesting to see them acknowledge the negative fan reactions to the solo shows and to G-man performing Bad Seeds songs rather badly. (Somebody was listening.)  For those who haven’t read or heard the story, there is an amusing recounting of Blixa’s final ‘meltdown’ with the band during the “I Feel So Good” session and Blixa’s memorable exit line: “I didn’t get into rock ‘n’ roll to play rock ‘n’ roll.”

Grinderman is more than a side project: Nick Cave
The Irish Independent by Eamon Sweeney”

To continue with the process of all this, for me personally, is about songwriting and finding new and different ways to construct and form songs,” Nick begins. “One of the ways to do that is to transform yourself. Maybe transform is the wrong word … you change, but you still stay true to what you do and the themes and obsessions that you write about. For me, they’ve always stayed the same and Grinderman is another way to look at the same kinds of things since day one.”


Grinderman Get Down & Dirty With Second Album
Julian Marszalek @ Spinner, September 10, 2010

What kind of artistic freedoms does Grinderman give you that the ‘day job’ doesn’t?

NC: For me, the entire process is different. I mean, I’ve got to start writing the new Bad Seeds record and that means going to the office, sitting on my own with a blank piece of paper and starting to write lyrics and with Grinderman, I get to bypass all of that. Grinderman is just a joyful experience because I don’t have to approach original creation all by myself. With Grinderman, I’m shifting responsibility. But it’s really important to me to go through that writing process [for the Bad Seeds] and just sit down and write the considered songs that I do. These are songs that are really important to me and I feel it’s a duty to continue to do that.

JS: Because there are four of us involved with Grinderman, we communicate differently with each other than we would in the Bad Seeds. The rapport is more instantaneous and we write more intuitively. It’s a more compact band.

Given your ferocious work rates, are you more aware of your mortality and the need to produce new pieces?

NC: I’ll retire one day when the family are long gone! I’ll sit on a beach in Thailand and it’ll be great. But at the moment, I really enjoy what I’m doing and it’s something that I can’t do without but one day I’m going to dispense with the whole lot.


One last thang….

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Grinderman 2: i-Tunes, samples, offers

Grinderman 2 will be available from 13 September (14 in N America) on CD, Limited Edition Deluxe CD, vinyl LP (with CD included), iTunes LP & download.

Grinderman – Super Heathen Child (with Robert Fripp) (Out Sept 6)

Grinderman – Evil (Factory Floor Remix 2)

Grinderman – Heathen Child (Andrew Weatherall Bass Mix)

Pre-order info, special offers + latest Grinderman tour updates follow ….

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Sex & the Grinderman: “We’re opening the debate.”

[Grinderman] are addressing certain subjects about masculinity, about what it is to be a man in this day and age … We’re opening the debate. And no one else is.  –  Nick Cave

Mr. Grinderman. Nick Cave @ Rosskilde 2008 (Photo: Rasmus Weng Karlsen)

Nick Cave & Co. Open the Debate on Love, Sex, Sexism
By Sarah Jaffe – August 20, 2010 (Billboard)

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Australian post-punk hero Nick Cave has skipped from project to project during his 37-year career, but he’s always maintained his pasty-faced, black-clad persona. An especially dark and sexual vibe runs through the latest album by his band Grinderman.

Cave and drummer Jim Sclavunos spoke to Billboard about “Grinderman 2,” due September 14 on Mute.   Continue reading

Grinderman + Fripp = Super Heathen Child (update)

Grinderman: The Raw, The Insane, The Depraved.

Here’s ‘Super Heathen Child’, the extended version, featuring Robert Fripp on guitar.

Notable quotes on Grinderman’s ‘Heathen Child’

*The song is everything you would expect a raw power rock Nick Cave would be, and the visuals are a glimpse into an unspeakable hell. It’s depraved and sick beyond anything we have seen. It’s a sign of the moral degradation of the modern world. We enjoyed it immensely.
Jeff Rouner, HoustonPress Blog, 17 Aug 2010.

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Grinderman will tour USA in November

Aug 2, 2010: Nick Cave & Grinderman have announced they will tour America in November.  Venues and dates follow….

European Tour Dates:
09-25 Nottingham, England – Rock City
09-27 Leeds, England – University
09-28 Glasgow, Scotland – Barrowlands
09-29 Manchester, England – Academy
10-01 London, England – Hammersmith Apollo
10-04 Lausanne, Switzerland – Les Docks
10-05 Zurich, Switzerland – Volkshaus
10-06 Milan, Italy – Live
10-07 Rome, Italy – Atlantico
10-10 Vienna, Italy – Gasometer
10-11 Munich, Germany – Muffathalle
10-13 Leipzig, Germany – Haus Auensee
10-14 Berlin, Germany – Columbiahalle
10-15 Cologne, Germany – E-Werk
10-17 Brussels, Belgium – Ancienne Belgique
10-20 Utrecht, Netherlands – MCV
10-21 Hamburg, Germany – Docks
10-23 Copenhagen, Denmark – Falkoner Theatre
10-24 Randers, Denmark – Power Station
10-26 Paris, France – Cite de la Music
10-28 Groningen, Netherlands – Groningen De Oosterpoort

US  TOUR DATES under page cut
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‘Heathen Child’: Fripp solos on 12″ colored vinyl edition (Sept 6)

Listen to ‘Heathen Child’ by Grinderman

Grinderman 2 updates & single release details follow

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Grinderman 2 single, Heathen Child, out Aug 30th

‘Heathen Child’ is Grinderman’s new single.

Out 30th August 2010

Heathen Child, the new single from the band Grinderman, will be released on 30th August. The premiere offering from their new studio album Grinderman 2, Heathen Child will be released through Mute with the complete album following on 13th September. (14th September USA)

Listen to ‘Heathen Child’ by Grinderman

Update, July 26 (Pitchfork): It’s the first single from the second album from Nick Cave’s balls-out Grinderman project. It’s swampy and bluesy and you may feel like you need a wash after listening to it. The “Heathen Child” single is out on limited edition 12″ colored vinyl September 6 and features another version of the song– dubbed “Super Heathen Child”– with an ear-blasting guitar solo from the one and only Robert Fripp (David Bowie, King Crimson). LINK

Press Release: The song Heathen Child cuts a deep seductively heavy groove interjected with dazzling squalls of saw-tooth distortion. It abounds in lyrical imagery at turns lascivious, paranoid, philosophic, absurd and flat out abusive. The video, vividly directed by long-time collaborator John Hillcoat, brings the ominous sensuality and surreal malevolence of the lyrics to life; but it also demonstrates clear evidence of the fun and imagination Grinderman have working together. (LINK)

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Grinderman – photo by Deirdre O’CallaghanGrinderman: Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos, Martyn P. Casey

*Post updated 8 July 2010

Grinderman 2 album:

Grinderman will release their new studio album Grinderman 2 through Mute on 13th September (14th in North America on Anti). Grinderman 2 was recorded in 2009 at London’s RAK, State of The Ark and Assault and Battery studios. Co-produced by Grinderman and Nick Launay, the album was mixed by Launay at London’s British Grove in August 2009 and LA’s Seedy Underbelly in April 2010.


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Grinderman – All Tomorrow’s Parties

Grinderman – No Pussy Blues @ All Tomorrow’s Parties 2007 (Pro-Shot)

Tx to SoulBreath

Grinderman Revisited

Grinderman, by Göran Tällberg, Göteborg, SW, Aug 2008

A really BIG fix follows …

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Won’t somebody touch me?

Grinderman’s May 11, 2007 appearance on Jools Holland, performing ‘No Pussy Blues’ and ‘Honey Bee’ (along with two Grinderman video interviews) are under the page cut. Be sure and check the comments for ‘FIX’ info & a Nick Cave/Jim Sclavunos podcast interview. Continue reading