“Elvis Jesus & Johnny Cash”

Vintage Nick Cave, in Record Mirror 1986, on the KIcking Against the Pricks LP (photo scan)Via Bachelor Kisses on Tumblr

Interview translation: ” I’m still a punk but I have a tailor now”

Hello again,

luckily I slept a few hours in the meantime so I hope the heap of mistakes is not trying to channel his inner Himalayas.

I thought I need some visual in here. I made a screenshot of the Making Of that is included on the DVD of 20.000 Days On Earth. The only connection to my translation posting is that it shows a very strange German thing (and Brigitte Bardot of course) and that there is a possibility that he collected it during one of those Berlin winters he talks about in the interview. See for yourself…

It seems to be a page from what we call „Groschenroman“ aka penny dreadful or dime novel. It also says „The big bestseller“ and because of a). the German phrase that is used there is very oldschool, b.) this thing surely was no bestseller and c). the fact that Nick has it in an old notebook of his, it cracked me up to no end. Surely a wise collection of thoughts that book.

Tragically we are not able to read it, so we need to stick to Nick’s wisdom. There it is, translated from English to German and back so that I am sure parts of it are now also kind of grinded through the mills of imagination or maybe just different dictionaries…

Have fun!


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Interview translation: “It’s not just all about fucking and guzzling”

Hello folks,

here is my translation of an interview with Nick released in the german magazine “Kölnische Rundschau” on October 20th. I did it spontaneously because I liked the interview (and suffer from insomnia). I read a lot of interviews and often they have not much that is new. This one has a few things inbetween that I never heard him say before. So here it is for every non-german-speaking who is interested and does not want to contact Kölnische Runschau and beg for the original English version.



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Nick Cave in black & white

An evocative image of Nick Cave by Luca Prospero.

Nick Cave by Luca Prospero for Rolling Stone Italia

More here. Earlier posts here and here.

Letter Live & a few magazine covers

On December 10th, Canongate organized Letters Live, an event to support The Reading Agency. Nick Cave was one of the many celebrities invited that evening to read letters from Letters of Note : Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience by Shaun Usher.  Nick performed Love Letter and read his own letter to MTV “My Muse is not a Horse” that is featured in the book.

Letters Live - 01

Letters Live - 02

Many thanks to Naomi who runs Cumberbatchweb for the pictures.

And a few magazine alerts…

Les Inrocks has named Push the Sky Away as one of the best albums of the year in their special edition. I haven’t come across the mag in stores, but you can order it on paper online or as the digital edition.


Nick Cave is on the cover of Rolling Stones (German edition – January 2014).


Rolling Stones (French edition – ) has a feature on iconic duets. Kylie and Nick’s Where the Wild Roses Grow is of course listed. Double-page articles (how the duet came to be and an old promo picture of the two of them).

And finally another cover for Mojo (January – Febuary 2014).


And happy new year!

Madness as Tenant (Nick Cave interview 1992)

Nick Cave, Roma, 1992

Nick Cave, Roma, 1992


By: Maria Alessandra Scalise and Andrea Cangioli

ROMA, MAY 23RD, 1992

A conversation before a gig, the occasion is the release of Henry’s Dream and the Italian translation of King Ink.

M.A. I’ve read somewhere, that, speaking about And The Ass Saw The Angel, you said “Read it and forget who I am” or something like that. But in the book there are many things that appear in your lyrics as well, especially characters are obviously really yours…

A. Even their names, like Crow Jane and Jane Crow

M.A. Did you decide to write the novel because you needed more space to develop your characters? Did you feel that a song was no longer sufficient to express what you wanted to express?

N. It’s very difficult to say something in three verses. When you write a song you get three verses, four verses to say what you want. When you write a novel, you can really grab something by the throat and take it down, and descend with that, and go, and take it to its furthermost extreme, in a way… I mean… the book was conceived a long long time before a lot of these lyrics we are talking about ever were in my head, so what really happened was that I created in my head this mythical landscape in which Euchrid and the story operated and, because I was writing the book continuously, and I was quite obsessed with the book, many of the songs also came from the same mythical landscape.

Interview continues under page cut…

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Jonathan Ganley on The Birthday Party at Mainstreet,1983

Nick Cave, The Birthday Party, Auckland, NZ, May 3, 1983
Photo © Jonathan Ganley

GUEST WRITER AND PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN GANLEY on Nick Cave and the Birthday Party at Mainstreet, 1983

Friday May 3 2013 marks 30 years to the day since Nick Cave and The Birthday Party played their first New Zealand show at Mainstreet nightclub on Auckland’s Queen St. Photographer Jonathan Ganley provides the images and the story from the audience, while Simon Grigg of Propeller Records and tour promoter Doug Hood give some background and recollections of this legendary but shambolic performance, and the subsequent chaotic North Island tour…  VIEW ARTICLE

Jonathan Ganley is an Auckland photographer whose work has covered many subjects, notably New Zealand musicians. Visit Jon’s photo gallery: pointthatthing.com

Thank you, Jonathan, for publishing an expanded account of that night.  Marvelous to read your comparison of Nick’s performance of 30 years ago with Grinderman at Coachella.

Folks, I don’t have the Mainstreet show but I do have the bootleg audio from two nights later, May 5, 1983, when the band played Palmerston.  Here’s an audio fix celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Birthday Party’s NZ tour.  Enjoy!

The Birthday Party – May 5, 1983 – Palmerston North, Massey University, NZ
Lineup: Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard, Tracey Pew, Des Hefner (replacing Mick Harvey)


Nick Cave interview: Les inRockuptibles (Feb 2013)

In case you missed it, scroll down for Valerie’s translation of Nick’s interview.

Nick Cave interview: Les inRockuptibles (Feb 2013)

Journalist: JD Beauvallet
Photographer: Benni Valsson

Your album is more crepuscular: the kind of album from a man who has calmed down…

A wise old man album? I don’t know how it happened (laugh)… I had no attention to make a quiet album, it just happened. It’s a very French album: it was recorded when we were full of French food, and local wines at La Fabrique studios, in Provence. The place really had an influence on the mood of the album, its atmosphere transported me… After a week of living together in this place, we sat down to listen to the first recordings and we couldn’t’ believe it: we had no musical direction when we arrived there, but clearly the place had decided for us. We had never made such a coherent album, with continuity in the lyrics and music. We had never given such an importance to silence.

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Nick Cave – The Story booklet + interview (1996)

Gallery:  Nick Cave – The Story booklet scans (Photo credits included with images.)
“Killer Instinct”  interview by Andrea Cangioli (1996) is under the page break.

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Nick Cave Interview – Musikexpress March 2013

The Brute Lives / Der Wüste lebt

Nick Cave interview by Hanspeter Künzler
Published in Musikexpress, March 2013
(Photo credits pending)
German text translation by Anna.

Translator note:  The title contains the word “Wüste”, which meansdesert, wilderness, or barren wasteland”  in German.  Referring to a person ( “Wüstling” ), it describes a wild man. Additional meanings are “rake, libertine, lecher, brute”.  I chose the English translation for Wüstling (“brute”).

Introductory text by Michael Pilz (extract)*

After 30 years Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds establish their late work with „Push The Sky Away“, the most beautiful record since they disappeared from Berlin.

Back in the 80s Nick Cave went into the basement when he wanted to laugh. (note: In German you say a person goes into the basement to laugh when you want to describe a gloomy and sad character.) Today he goes down there to write and make music. Every day at nine in the morning he puts on his suit and goes down to his office, a souterrain in the seaside resort Brighton in the south of England, where subcultures fought until it drew blood in the ancient world of Pop. At five in the afternoon he goes back up the stairs to his wife and children. When Rock n’ Roll was still young, it forced its protagonists to either resign early or nod off miserably. Immortality or age. „Complete bullshit“ says Nick Cave. „Age is a blessing, youth a misapprehension. Is there anything more beautiful than walking through ruins?“.

With „Push The Sky Away“ the Australian establishes his late work with the Bad Seeds. The band has its 30th anniversary this year. The birth-year-record indeed sounds more deliberate than any of the  previous fifteen releases. It sounds like Cave demanded music landscapes of his colleagues instead of songs, to hike through them as a singer and marvel at the sound of ruined instruments. On the other hand: As every caveian („Cavianer“) knows, nothing is as illusive as idyll.

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Nick Cave: Spex Interview (March 2013)

Nick Cave by Nic Shonfeld - Spex March 2013

The beard is gone, and suddenly Nick Cave looks ten years younger. Moving elastically as if he was made of rubber, he enters the old-fashioned pub with the creaky floorboards where we agreed to meet for an interview. It’s a short way for the singer, the pub is within walking distance from his house in Brighton. Cave, in his customary black suit and white shirt, takes off his sunglasses and greats two women with the words “hi girls, how’re you doing?”. The singer himself is doing very well. He doesn’t smoke and drink anymore, he is agile and alert. During the following hour, we’ll talk about the effects the increased research possibilities provided by the internet have on his work as an author, the old days in Westberlin and the re-orientation of the Bad Seeds on the new album Push The Sky Away that is about to be released. It’s a hazy and grey day, and during pauses in our conversation, the wind carries over the cries of seagulls from the nearby ocean shore.

TEXT: Max Dax  PHOTOS: Nic Shonfeld  (Translation: Selysia)

(Interview translation + scans under the cut)

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The Bad Seeds: where did they come from, where did they go?

From the German magazine Musik Express (March 2013). Click image to view large size.

The Bad Seeds: where did they come from, where did they go

The Bad Seeds: where did they come from, where did they go?

Tx to yourburden. This graphic accompanies the Nick Cave interview that Anna is translating.

Nick Cave, News & Updates, Feb 13, 2013

In today’s press, an interview with Nick Cave by Simon Cosyns, The Sun, Feb 16, 2013

“I’ve never done the bad record where it all goes down the toilet” – Nick Cave
(Image copyright 2012 News Group Newspapers Ltd.)

Nick Cave on the cover photo of Push The Sky Away:

“That picture was not set up,” he says. “It was taken in our bedroom by Dominique Issermann, the unbelievably brilliant French photographer, who was doing an editorial shoot of my wife for a French magazine.

“She was in between costumes, naked under a cape, when I walked in. She just said, ‘Look, go over and open that window up’.

“As I went over to do it, she dropped the cape and Dominique took a few photographs. Later on, we saw this one and thought, ‘Wow! What a strange, beautiful, ambiguous photograph’.”

Did it bother him to have such a personal image on the album cover? “There was bit of discomfort when I showed it to everyone, saying, ‘All right, firstly the cover’s got my wife on it and secondly she doesn’t have any clothes on’.

“But that was largely my own feeling. I mean she’s so present within the record anyway. I think she’s walking in and out of that record all the time.”

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/sftw/4796307/Nick-Cave-Ive-never-done-a-bad-album.html#ixzz2L5c5WSyL

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Nick Cave- La Repubblica XL


Nick Cave

La Repubblica XL
Gennaio/Febbraio 2013 — with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Mick Harvey interview Oct 2012 (Meltingpod 112)

Reminder to check out Annie Viglielmo’s wonderful live interview with Mick Harvey.

Meltingpod 112 with Mick Harvey

Conversation under the Stars at The Hacienda in Nimes France October 2012


Just after the dinner we went both outside with Mick, sat down at a table under a tree and I recorded our very relaxed conversation about his new solo album (recorded in 2010, released in 2011 and effectively promoted in 2012 after he finished his world tour with PJ Harvey) ”Sketches from The Book of The Dead“ and the probable songwriting of his future solo album… A dog invited himself to the talk and added a special note to this very strange night in an old farm lost in the country, far away from everything …  Listen at Meltingpod

NOTE: You can email your comments to meltingpod@gmail.com or leave a note for Annie under this post.