Bootleg – “The Ring Of Wild Roses”

I thought that since we won’t get any new album in the near future that I’d share a bootleg once in a while.

Just a little note, most of my bootlegs comes from Dime. Please respect the work of the tapers. Meaning to keep the files as you have downloaded them (no reencoding) with the text file containing all the info. And most of all: DO NOT RESELL THEM.

Anyway after seeing Kylie Minogue in concert last week, I got nostalgic of her duet with Nick and looked up some of their performances together so today I am sharing this 1996 bootlegs. Download here.

“The Ring Of Wild Roses” bootleg mostly from Koln,
Bizarre Festival 17/08/96, from the (incomplete) TV/FM broadcast.
Running time: 58’56”.

1. Brother My Cup Is Empty
2. Loverman
3. Mercy
4. Your Funeral, My Trial
5. Where The Wild Roses Grow (w. Blixa)
6. The Weeping Song
7. The Mercy Seat
8. Nobody’s Baby Now
9. Jack The Ripper
10. Stagger Lee (The White Room, 24/02/96)
11. Henry Lee (The White Room, 24/02/96, w. PJ)
12. Do You Love Me? (London 14/08/96)
13. Into My Arms (London 14/08/96)
14. Where The Wild Roses Grow (London 14/08/96, w. Kylie)

Nick & Blixa – Tempodrom 1992

Wonderful b&w of Nick and Blixa onstage at the Berlin Tempodrom, 29 May 1992, by a favorite Berlin photographer, Norbert Bauer. View entire set here.

Nick Cave & Blixa Bargeld, Berlin Tempodrom, 29 May 1992
Photographer: Norbert Bauer

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Madness as Tenant (Nick Cave interview 1992)

Nick Cave, Roma, 1992

Nick Cave, Roma, 1992


By: Maria Alessandra Scalise and Andrea Cangioli

ROMA, MAY 23RD, 1992

A conversation before a gig, the occasion is the release of Henry’s Dream and the Italian translation of King Ink.

M.A. I’ve read somewhere, that, speaking about And The Ass Saw The Angel, you said “Read it and forget who I am” or something like that. But in the book there are many things that appear in your lyrics as well, especially characters are obviously really yours…

A. Even their names, like Crow Jane and Jane Crow

M.A. Did you decide to write the novel because you needed more space to develop your characters? Did you feel that a song was no longer sufficient to express what you wanted to express?

N. It’s very difficult to say something in three verses. When you write a song you get three verses, four verses to say what you want. When you write a novel, you can really grab something by the throat and take it down, and descend with that, and go, and take it to its furthermost extreme, in a way… I mean… the book was conceived a long long time before a lot of these lyrics we are talking about ever were in my head, so what really happened was that I created in my head this mythical landscape in which Euchrid and the story operated and, because I was writing the book continuously, and I was quite obsessed with the book, many of the songs also came from the same mythical landscape.

Interview continues under page cut…

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Nick Cave – Spex 1990

Scans from Spex Magazine, May 1990.

Spex, May 1990. Photo by U. Bockler.

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Nick Cave – 1990s Interviews (Aussie TV)

A set of Australian TV interviews with Nick Cave c. 1992.  This material is a repost from several years ago.  The originals were taken down but have once again resurfaced.  Enjoy.

Nick Cave Interview (+ viewer questions) Pt 1  – Australian TV, 1992

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Photo Fix: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Moscow 1998

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Photos: Orvlov @Feele.Ru