baby it’s a cool machine

Last night I went through all the posts I’d put on ‘private’ so I could repair downed videos and dead links.  However, most of them were in pretty good shape so I republished them in a batch.  You’ll find missing media all through the archives.  A lot of stuff is simply unavailable.

I’ve still got problems with my eyes. It’s a chronic condition that I’m adjusting to. Instead of being sad about what I can’t do I’ve decided to be happy and productive as much as possible.

Baby, it’s a cool machine.

Release the Bats – The Birthday Party Peel Sessions

We were married under cherry trees…

Hey folks, I’m kinda done with blogging here.  I don’t think a formal announcement is needed or a list of reasons. It’s just the way of things.  The Internet changes.  People move on. The archives are there for you to explore but they are by no means intact.  We’ve been up a long time and things have been taken down or removed by request.

Take care, everybody. See ya when I see ya.
– Morgan

ON EDIT: Please read the comments for more info. Thank you.