Nick looking gorgeous at Cannes

Nick Cave @ Cannes  Photo by Michael Buckner – copyright: Getty Images

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Lawless Full Press Conference – Cannes 2012 (Updated)

Lawless Full Press Conference – Cannes Film Festival 2012
(John Hillcoat, Nick Cave + Guy Pearce & cast)

Nick Cave’s film genre for Lawless – ‘a wangster’ (Source)

“If it’s half western film and half gangster film, it’s a wangster film.” – Nick Cave

“Let’s not use that term.” – Guy Pearce

Update (May 21, 2012) articles, notable quotes, a red-carpet pic follow…

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Nick Cave in Nice – very nice! (May 18, 2012)

Nick and his wife Susie share a kiss as the couple arrive in Nice for the Cannes Film Festival
View Gallery May 18, 2012

News bytes & more…

New bytes, music, film, books, articles, reviews, releases, etc:

Due May 2010: Nick Cave: A Study of Love, Death and Apocalypse by Roland Boer

1. Searching the Holy Books
2. The Total Depravity of Cave’s Literary World
3. Some Routine Atrocity, or Apocalyptic
4. Death
5. God, Pain and the Love Song
6. Jesus of the Mon, or Christology
7. Hearing Round Corners: Nick Cave Meets Ernst Bloch
Conclusion: Gates to the Garden – The Search for Redemption
Equinox Publishing  (abstract/details)  Cover by Jeff Iffe


– View pages from Nick Cave’s notebooks at The Bad Seeds official site


– Rumour has it that The Wettest County (renamed Lawless), the film collaboration from John Hillcoat and Nick Cave, will be on the Cannes Film Festival 2012 lineup.

– Blixa Bargeld recently mentioned that he plans to attend a conference on music downloading and copyright enforcement at Cannes 2012.

– Official site: Cannes 2012 Festival

Mick Harvey & JP Shilo music + Autoluminescent review under the cut!

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