Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Coachella_4-14-13 (entire)

Streaming video capture tx to Chibi Davis.

[Grinderman is up on Dime.  If you have it, tell me, plz.]

Updates: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Stubbs, Austin

NPR finally posted an 18 minute video segment along with the entire audio. HERE

Grinderman in Berlin 14 Oct 2010 (HD)

Two years ago, I saw Grinderman at Berlin’s Columbiahalle. Unfortunately, there are few clips available from that concert, but I found four in HD, shot from the balcony. Might as well enjoy while we’re waiting on the new Bad Seeds album/tour. Btw: Neubauten fans! The RockPalast 1990 concert will be released on Nov 9th in a combo DVD/CD package. more

Grinderman – When My Love Comes Down (HD)

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Grinderman Exit Festival 2011 (entire)

Feeling the heat?  Turn on the a/c, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy some G-Man.

Originally Aired on MTV Australia. Tx to brainphreaky.

Rock: ‘the music of the aging’?

Sunday’s Guardian featured an article on the phenomenon of aging rockers. Paul McCartney is singled out as an artist who seems unwilling to write about what it’s like to be getting old. However, Grinderman is mentioned as a stand-out example of the opposite.

As all this happens themes of age and experience are finally entering the music. Grinderman, the project led by the Australian singer Nick Cave (54), was purposely created as an outlet for the angst of advancing years, as evidenced by the charmingly titled No Pussy Blues: “I changed the sheets on my bed / I combed the hairs across my head / I sucked in my gut / And still she said / That she just didn’t want to.”

I started thinking about the first Grinderman album and how much I admired its honesty.  This is what it feels like to be Nick Cave in his 50s.  He is no different from any other man (or woman) in feeling a horrified awareness and raging sorrow at the body’s inevitable decline.

My face is finished/My body’s gone
And I can’t help but think standin’ up here in all this applause
and gazin’ down at all the young and the beautiful.
With their questioning eyes.
That I must above all things love myself.

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“IT’S OVER” – Grinderman Call It Quits

Sunday Dec 11, 2011

Cave announced the group would be disbanding after a spectacular late night set at the Meredith Music Festival in rural Victoria on Saturday night (December 10). “That’s it for Grinderman,” he told the more than 12,000 festival-goers. “It’s over. See you in 10 years.” Via Messandnoise

Grinderman – Primavera/Big Day Out 2011

Grinderman (Nick Cave)
Photo: Oz Villanueva

G-Man Fixes: Primavera Sound Fest 2011 (snip) | Big Day Out, 23 Jan 2011

Grinderman in Berlin: I’m just tryin´to re-laaaaxxx

Last night, Nick Cave and his Grindermen blistered the skin off Berlin’s ass.  Even the jaded denizens of Columbiahalle were howling along with the Wolfman and his band.  It was a spectacular show, more orgy than rock concert, and by the end of the evening  the crowd was well-lubricated with beer and bodily fluids.  Nick?  He was just tryin’ to re-lax…  Damn!

Review by Morgan Wolfe, copyright Nick Cave Fixes 2010.  All rights reserved.

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