Album release – Nick Cave Heard Them Here First


Today marks the release of the compilation Nick Cave Heard Them Here First.


From Ace Records:

Nick Cave is an uncompromising artist not known for concealing his influences. Sample them here on this mixed-genre programme of songs he was inspired to cover.

The latest in our acclaimed “Heard Them Here First” series sees a compilation of eclectic songs, all covered by Nick Cave during his long and varied career, from young punk to modern film scorer. The collection is sequenced to mirror Cave’s own progress – beginning with the Stooges’ punk staple ‘Fun House’ and ending with John Lee Hooker’s ‘Burnin’ Hell’, for which Cave set up a band called the Bootleggers to record the soundtrack to John Hillcoat’s prohibition-themed 2012 film Lawless.

We have brought together a tracklist of artists that were idols to Cave, in many cases going on to become his friends and associates – Johnny Cash requesting him to journey across the US for fruitful joint recording sessions, and Nina Simone agreeing to perform live for him at the 1999 Meltdown Festival.

The original versions of songs Cave chose to cover – on stage, for magazine cover-mounts, for films, tribute albums, in various bands and with a multitude of cohorts – show just how keen a music collector he is. From the 1920s musical theatre of ‘Mack The Knife’, to Pulp’s ‘Disco 2000’, via a Gainsbourg duet and UK comedy treasures Pete and Dud, Cave is resolutely a music fan.

With Cave about to tour once more, and his film 20,000 Days On Earth riding high in the award nominations, interest and respect for his work has never been more acute. With notes by his biographer Ian Johnston and cover photograph by long-term Bad Seed associate, fellow Australian Bleddyn Butcher, this is an essential guide to Cave’s influences for anyone with an admiration or curiosity into his tastes and recordings.

Liz Buckley

Available on Amazon for £10,99.

Master Post – European Tour : Glasgow – Edinburgh

The European “solo” tour starts tonight in Glasgow and as usual I thought it’d be great to have a master post. This time I am breaking them down in several posts so it’s more comprehensible for everybody.

Feel free to post your reviews, pictures, videos, etc in the comment section. I will update with what I find as well.

Have a fantastic time if you are going tonight! I, for one, have to wait another week but I can’t wait to see the setlist. Are there any songs you are dying to hear live? I would love to hear The Curse of Millhaven… I know, a girl can dream, can’t she?

If you are still looking for tickets, feel free to join the group I created on Facebook where fans can resell (face value, please) or swap tickets.

Glasgow – April 26th, 2015

Setlist (might not be in the correct order):

Water’s Edge
The Weeping Song
Red Right Hand
Brompton Oratory
Higgs Boson Blues
From Her to Eternity
The Ship Song
Love Letter
I Let Love In
Black Hair
The Mercy Seat
Up Jumped the Devil
We Real Cool
Into My Arms
Jubilee Street

We No Who U R
God is in the House
Jack the Ripper
The Lyre of Orpheus

Reviews: The List – The Guardian – The Scotsman

Pictures by Stewart Fullerton (Flickr)

The Image (Arch)Hive – Peter Kaminski


The Weeping Song

Sick Bag Song Reading in New York Review + Audio / Video Goodies

Review by guest writer inez.

Full audio of the Reading can be found at the end of this post.

So I am going to thank VALERIE and her commitment to keep the updates running, that I actually decided to write a few lines in a way slightly more comprehensible than ‘OMFG, it was AMAZING!!!’ which I diligently emailed to a bunch of my friends the same night.


The venue for the NYC reading was the same place called Florence Gould Hall that had hosted the prescreening of “20,000 days on Earth” followed by Nick’s piano set back on August 6th 2014 (those who missed my tape of that piano set can collect it on dime – or elsewhere). It’s a cute little venue with a layout of a smallish movie theatre.

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Sick Bag Song Reading in London Review + Audio / Video Goodies

It was completely unreasonable considering the European tour is coming up but I still had to travel for The Sick Bag Song reading in London. After all London is only a Eurostar away! I had tried to stay as “spoiler free” as possible and thus not reading too much about the Los Angeles and New York events. Not an easy task when you have to update this blog! Anyway the reading was taking place in the beautiful Porchester Hall. Instead of a regular theatre/venue setup we were treated to big round tables which, I think, gave a completely different atmosphere to the event.  It was also a great way for fans to be able to sit together and have a drink which you have to admit is always a great part of these events. It felt very festive and much more intimate that way.

Craig McLean (you might remember him from this interview) introduced Nick Cave in a pretty amusing way. We were then treated to the preview film made by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, followed by Nick Cave walking on stage reading a passage of the book. The first part of the evening consisted of Craig interviewing Nick, as well as other chapters being read and the New York short video being shown.



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Sick Bag Song Readings in L.A. & N.Y. – The Ship Song with Beth Orton


Picture by John Geralis.

If any of you have attented the readings in L.A. or New York, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Rolling Stones did a great review of the L.A. one.

While on the West Coast Nick Cave also joined an eclectic cast of musicians/actors to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Alan Ginsberg’s Howl.

He performed The Ship Song with Beth Orton.


Adina NYC on YouTube recorded quite a lot in N.Y.


Nick Cave also confirmed that he will be touring North America at the end of the year. It’ll probably the the same solo tour as the upcoming European one, but that has to be confimed by the powers that be of course. ;)

Speaking of tour, the European one is fast approaching and lots of fans are still looking for tickets. If you are based in The UK I highly recommend Twickets which allows members to resell their tickets at face value. I have also created a group on Facebook where you can request or swap tickets.

Random Sick Bag Song news/interviews/reviews

The Sick Bag Song reading in Los Angeles will take place in 2 days and there are still tickets available on Ticketmaster if you are interested.

In the meantime the official website has released the second teaser video: Portand. Absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to see the remaining three.

As far as interviews, Vice met Nick Cave on a place to discuss the book. Watch it here. There is also an interesting audio interview with BBC Front Row with a couple more clips from the upcoming audiobook.

Creative Review also analyzes the concept of the book more in-depth and the general look of it. Don’t click if you want to stay spoiler free!

Finally The Daily Mail interviewed Nick. Click on each picture to read the articles, or download it (file to unzip). Thank you to Sylwia for the screencaptures.



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Retrospective: Anton Corbijn – 1-2-3-4 in Den Haag

The Fotomuseum Den Haag – The Netherlands is currently showing a retrospective of Anton Corbijn titled 1-2-3-4 to celebrate the photographer’s 60th birthday. The exhibition, that opened this weekend, features over over 300 shots of bands and singers like Nirvana, U2, The Rolling Stones but most of all Nick Cave.

Nick Cave was actually present at the opening and did a little set at the piano. You can check a small video on Instagram of The Mercy Seat. A fantastic surprise for anybody’s in attendance. If you were one of the lucky one to be there, tell us all about it!

Pictures from the opening night.


Photograph by Anton Corbijn.

An exhibition not to be missed especially if you plan to attend the Den Haag concert. It’d be a nice pre-concert treat!

The exhibition runs until June 21st 2015. For the opening hours and directions be sure to check their website.

A book of 1-2-3-4 (€64,50) will also be available at the museum