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I am not sure what will be the future of the blog, Morgan will decide that, but I wanted to thank you for sticking around when I took over. 2013-2014 were rich in various events and I felt very lucky to attend quite a lot of them and share my experience with you.

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Mustang Wins Best Original Music at Cesar Award


Mustang, the movie for which Warren Ellis wrote the soundtrack, won big at the Cesar last night in Paris.

The movie took home the awards for :

Best original screenplay – Deniz Gamze Ërgüven & Alice Winocour

Best First Feature Film – Deniz Gamze Ërgüven

Best Editing – Mathilde Van de Moortel


Best Original Music – for Warren Ellis

Credit: Ida Sofar

Congratulations to everybody involved in the making of this powerful movie!

Listen to Jesus Lay Down Beside Me

As mentionned in a previous post, Nick Cave has written a song for Mavis Staples’ upcoming album Livin’ on a High Note. The album is released tomorrow but you can already listen to Jesus Lay Down Beside Me.

R.I.P. David Bowie

David Bowie’s not merely a performer. He was part of our childhood. In my eyes, Bowie stands for a certain kind of immortality. David Bowie was my idol. I owned all his early albums and the three Berlin records of course. I loved his music. I don’t want someone like David Bowie to die … When you hear the voice of a person that you love, it’s like a tender touch. Nick Cave

Source: Spex – March 2013

If you plan to buy his new album or older ones, please consider going through Rough Trade as they are donating all the profits from Bowie recordings to Cancer Research UK.


Nick Cave writes song for Mavis Staples

Nick Cave is among the artists who have written a song for Mavis Staples‘ upcoming album “Livin’ on a High Note”.

I’ve been singing my freedom songs and I wanted to stretch out and sing some songs that were new,” Mavis explains. “I told the writers I was looking for some joyful songs. I want to leave something to lift people up; I’m so busy making people cry, not from sadness, but I’m always telling a part of history that brought us down and I’m trying to bring us back up. Source.

The song Nick Cave wrote is called “Jesus Lay Down Beside Me”.

The album comes out February 19th.

Here is a title track “High Note” written by Valerie June.

Happy Holidays – 2015 Recap

I would like to you wish a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

I sincerely hope 2016 will be kind to you and your loved ones.


2015 has been a really good year for Nick Cave fans with the release of The Sick Bag Song book as well a fantastic European tour. We also saw the release of official Nick Cave dolls by artist Plasticgod and I hear there might be more soon! (Shameless plug: I am desperately missing the Red Right Hand one! Feel free to contact me if you can help me out! ^^) And one of the major news, many of us have been waiting for, the adaptation of The Death of Bunny Munro.

Let’s see what 2016 will bring us!



Audio goodies: St Petersburg – Solo Tour 2015

Thanks to some super awesome Christmas elves, I can now offer you a fantastic bootleg of the last concert of the 2015 European Solo Tour: St Petersburg – Russia. As usual I have uploaded it on Mega (never expires). If you have issue with it, please let me know.

It goes without saying that you should respect the work of the tapers. Always share the files as you have downloaded them and do not sell them. Convert to mp3s for your personal use.

If you want to scroll down the previous tour posts, you can do so by hitting the “european 2015 tour” tag. Some links have been updated.

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There are no word for what happened in Paris on Friday but my thoughts are with all the victims of the attacks and the people who are affected daily by terrorism. I hope your loved ones are safe.


Picture by Jean Jullien.

Shilpa Ray – @shilparayisgod Touring Europe

This is slightly off topic but I thought I’d let you know that the amazingly talented Shilpa Ray is currently touring Europe. Her name might sound familiar to you because she has supported Grinderman and the Bad Seeds in the past.

She also worked with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis on this great cover of Pirate Jenny.

If she comes to a city near you, don’t hesitate to go. She has such a unique voice and deserves to be known.

27.10.2015 GLASGOW – BLOC+
04.11.2015 HAMBURG – JAZZ CAFE
07.11.2015 KRAKOW – SZPITALNA 1
09.11.2015 VIENNA – RHIZ
10.11.2015 BRNO – CABINET MUZ
11.11.2015 PILZEN – PAPIRNA
12.11.2015 TILBURG – EXTASE
14.11.2015 DIKSMUIDE – 4AD
17.11.2015 TRENCIN – KLUB LUC
18.11.2015 KOSICE – TABACKA
19.11.2015 BUDAPEST – a38
20.11.2015 DOBRIS – DK
21.11.2015 ROZNOW – T KLUB

See she is even Nick Cave approved. 😉


If you still don’t believe me, have a listen at some of these fantastic performances.

Keep an eye on her Facebook for exact timing and ticket details.

Official siteFacebookTwitter

Movie adaptation of The Death of Bunny Munro

bmIt’s been reported that Anna McLeish and Sarah Shaw, who are Melbourne producers, have launched Carver Films, and are set to produce The Death of Bunny Munro. The novel will be adapted by Nick Cave, and directed by Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth (20,000 Days on Earth). I don’t know about you but I can’t think of better directors than Jane and Iain considering how fantastic 20,000 Days on Earth was.

Financing and casting have just started so it might be a while before it hits the big screen but it’s a fantastic project to look forward to.


P.S.: I have made the banner a bit more Halloween-y. Hope you like! 😉

DVD release: B-Movie. Lust & Sound in West-Berlin

Back in February I was telling you about the “rockumentary” B-Movie. Lust & Sound in West-Berlin. The movie is now available on dvd through Amazon Germany.

The dvd is region free and comes with French subtitles (it is narrated in English).

Also if Arte is available in your country, the movie is being aired a couple more times. Check the website for the exact date/time. You can also stream it here (it takes a few seconds before it starts playing, be patient!)

On top of the dvd, there is also a super cool bundle available for €99 with the movie, tote bag, vinyls, soundtracks, etc A must have for any fans of this era.


Copenhagen Film Company – Short Film featuring “Hallelujah”

The Copenhagen Film Company has made a short film featuring Hallelujah (No More Shall We Part) by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Helene Kjeldsen (director) and Casper Høyberg (photographer) who both have won several international awards for their creative have been working on the project.

The song starts at 2:52.

The Outing from CPH Film Company on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Mr. Cave

We would like to wish Nick Cave a happy 58th birthday!

Thank you for inspiring so many of us every day.


Birthday cards made by Roberta Fidora. On sale @ Etsy.

Documentary: Prophet’s Prey


This Fall Showtime will premiere the acclaimed documentary Prophet’s Prey. The score of the film was written by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, and Nick Cave provides some brief narration at the beginning of the film. In this documentary Amy Berg explores The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-Day Saints and it’s main criminal leader Warren Jeffs.

It’ll be released nationally (USA) on September 18th and Showtime will air it after. For the exact timing be sure to check Showtime’s website.

If you want to know more about the documentary, here is a very interesting interview with Amy Berg.

Bootleg – 2002 – San Francisco & New York

It’s all a bit quiet for the moment so I thought I’d share with you two bootlegs from 2002. Enjoy!

April 19th, 2002 – The Warfield – San Francisco

Mega link.

Do You Love Me
Oh My Lord
Lime Tree Arbour
Red Right Hand
Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow
As I Sat Sadly By Her Side
The Weeping Song
God Is In The HOuse
We Came Along This Road
Papa Won’t Leave You Henry
The Mercy Seat
And No More Shall We Part
Long Time Man
The Curse Of Millhaven
Stagger Lee

May 2nd, 2002 – Beacon Theatre – New York

Mega link.

As I Sat Sadly By Her Side
Do You Love Me,
Oh, My Lord
Lime Tree Arbour
Red Right Hand
15 Ft Of Pure White Snow
God Is In The HOuse
We Came Along This Road
The Weeping Song
Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
The Mercy Seat
Love Letter
Into My Arms
Saint Huck
Henry Lee
Stagger Lee

As usual please respect the work of the taper. Only convert to mp3 for personal use.